Suggestion: Procedural missions/bounties for more replayability

OK admitted, I play other games than GZ - for instance Dying Light and Hitman.
I think it would add a HUGE amount to GZ replay value if there were some random/procedural missions.

  • Help random survivors you encounter (protect them, find stuff etc)
  • Kill specific robots (e.g. 5 tanks, 10 harvesters, one of each) and get reward
  • “Unique targets” ala hitman (extra powerful robots, special weapons etc)
  • “Escalations” ala hitman (side missions that get progressively harder)

There are endless possibilities, but of course the more “procedural” a system, the less work for the developers in the long run (on this part). :+1::sunglasses:


Let me elaborate a bit on some of the ideas:

Help survivors find stuff: This would be incredibly good procedural missions, since there are so many different location types, that currently serve little purpose beside being discovered. Imagine the following:

  • Go to “Farm XA” and find machine parts, bring back to “Character XB”
  • Go to “Church YA” and find candles and wine, bring back to “Character YB”
  • Go to “Harbor ZA” and find rope and tarpaulin, bring back to “Character ZB”

These types of missions would both add additional life to the game, and would also make you explore locations you rarely visit, resulting in unexpected encounters.

Unique targets: In addition to rivals (or perhaps as an “addon”), unique targets could be robots that have special abilities such as:

  • Lightning/fire/chemical/radioactive damage
  • Limited teleport ability
  • Any other “superpower” you can think of

And procedurally applied to any existing rival or robot. Making these mission pop up in assignments would add variety, and the rewards could maybe be a special line of weapon skins, clothing or something equally unique (edit: Maybe special material toolkits that can be used to upgrade attachments to next tier).


1-4 Shield or smoke generators, depending on unit size.

The shield generators could be like the reapers but with not a great duration. This could at the same time be some kind of training for fights against reapers.

The smoke generators produce a large cloud of smoke around the machine, so that it is harder to spot and hit. IR view would be a very useful module to use for your attached scope.

Very good. I once had a similar request, but mine was bound to DLC packs to get the DLC items/weapons/apparel or whatever as rewards instead of just getting them directly into the plundra.

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Cool ideas there !! ^-^