[SUGGESTION]Skill: Sixt Sense

I want to suggest an idea: Sixth Sense.
Night and covered drones/bots (Highlight).
It is NOT magic, but an innate ability near all creatures have.
Soldiers are trained in this.

Idea is to create a new Skill Tree with 6 new Skills:

  1. Minimal Suspicion - Not all too reliable form. 20m possible detection. 25% correct.
  2. Faint Suspicion - More reliable form. 20m detection. 50% Correct.
  3. Moderate Suspicion - Rather reliable form. 25m detection. 75 % correct.
  4. Good Suspicion - VERY reliable form. 50m detection. 100% correct.
  5. True Sixth Sense - VERY reliable form. 100m detection. Can tell type. 100% correct.
  6. Epic Sixth Sense - Top reliable form. 250m detection. Can tell type. 100% correct.



I don’t get this message for 100% sorry.
Is this sixth sense something the robots have or the players?
Since you talk about a new Skill tree I suppose you are talking about the playing character.
And If I understand correctly they would act as some kind of Radar to locate and identify
enemy robots in the field? Correct?

Robots are non-living beings.
As stated: “all creatures” (thus life forms). :wink:

Go to bed, you.
That’s an order!

Goodnight, brother!

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Yes, I totally missed that.
You are right.
Duh, silly me.