Suggestion: Support for Tobii 4C Eye Tracking


I know you guys are focused on bugfixes, but for a future feature update I would like to voice support for implementing the Tobii 4C eye tracking features in Generation Zero. This device ( is similar in some respects to Track IR, however for me at least I feel like it does a lot more as it has actual eye tracking not just head tracking. Tobii do a few devices with some built in to gaming laptops, but I have their standalone device which I think is pretty good for the dollars.

The main aspects of it I think are worthwhile are the Clean UI feature, where all UI elements in game are transparent, until you look at that area of the screen. When you do, they quickly fade in, and only fade out if you look away. This is great for atmospheric games like Generation Zero. Then they have what they call “Gaze At” which is where you can look at things to . For example in Ghost Recon: Wildlands you can look at targets through your binoculars or drone camera to mark them on the map without actually moving your view to center them onscreen. In FFXV you can look at enemies or areas of the world to Warp Strike (teleport basically) to them. Finally Extend View is essentially what Track IR does, except there is no need to wear any clip for the device to track - the Tobii maps your head and eyes (individually).

I’ve seen developers use the SDK features to do some cool stuff, like slightly adjust a flashlights direction based on where you are looking or mark enemies by Gaze At’ing them for team-mates. Their supported games list is pretty decent (you can see it on their site) and they have a Discord if you want to reach out to them for their developer program), some big publishers include support for the device and it’s built in to the game so you get an in-game options menu with all the features you may wish to enable/disable.

If anyone happens to own one of these and sees this, consider throwing your support in for the feature.