[SUGGESTION] Weapons damage and new weapons request

Dear dev team,
Firstly may I suggest to upscalling the AG5 and Kotenok Rifle, they’re beautiful model but sad to see it’s underpowered and secondly request on 7.62 bolt action sniper, semi auto shotgun, 9mm smg, machinegun and 5.56 assault rifle.

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You are going to have to be more specific on your request there.
There is already a semi auto shotgun, 9mm smg, machinegun, and a 5.56 assualt rifle in the game .


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Kentanoks damage should definitely be doubeled (at least 75% more) It’s damage is slightly higher than any other 7.62 firearm and I don’t think thats right for a sniper rifle.


Yes I am well aware of that, sorry for not being specific.

Spas 12 model for modern combat shotgun since it’s appropriate in the 80’s time line, as for 9mm smg would be either UZI or SITE Spectre M4, Steyr AUG or CAR 15 as for 5.56 assault rifle, M700 as bolt action 7.62 would be perfect. That is all I think would be appropriate during the game lore era. I know it would be hard for dev team to design new things due to copyright issues but I wish good luck for making it happen.

The shotgun is the 12g pump already in thr game and the SAW is the KVM 89 already in the game as well.

The new weapons coming are the MAC-10 (COM-10), S21(M21), and N79(M79 Grenade Launcher)

All of which will bein the second us weapons pack.

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Ah, gotcha, I’mma pull my comment since yours is more accurate, thanks

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There are many threads about new weapons someone would like to see in the game, so I didn’t want to open another one.

Just an idea I got:

Is there a reason, why we have all the weapons most of the machines have got, too. All but a bladed weapon and a flamethrower?
Did anyone make a suggestion about them before?

Well, I thought about a new experimental flamethrower (from apoc-hunters) and some kind of sword, maybe a smaller version of what the hunters have or selfmade ones, as we’ve seen some machines, which have been destroyed in that way (ie at bunker 666).