Suggestions and ideas for improving the map/enviroment

Hello there, I have listed some ideas for improving and building out GZ enviroment that i think whould really benefit the game as i think that an important piece of the game is its atmosphere and world. And i think that i can be heaviliy improved to feel and look more like Sweden during the 80s.
I made it into a list to make it easier to read and bc i am not good at english.

  1. New civilian houses. Just if we get one or two more whould greatley improve how towns and villages look, since now it feels repetative and copy-pasted. These could look more like they where built in the 60-70s to contrast the very new looking current houses.

  2. In some arpartment complexes there should be some apartments that we could open and go into. It whould make it more interesting to explore them.

  3. There should be some older houses to show that some villages have been there for a while in history.

  4. There could be one or two manors with their own and new models on östertörn.

  5. Smaller and new versions of the varehouse, maybe in red or blue.

  6. A more established and more interesting östervik harbour with maybe a boat (like a smaller ferry) in it.

  7. A car shop/garage could exist in some settlements.

  8. Some bunkers should ha really small and hidden entrances as they where in real life. And they should have more variations of the hallways and rooms to make them more uniqe. Like making them more narrow and some could be more older looking ones.

  9. Add more smaller busnisesses, an example could be a kiosk with a personal name like Anderssons kök (English- Anderssons kitchen) or Salthamn Glass AB. These whould make the world more alive and whould break up that we see identical kiosks and store everywhere.

  10. Military bases shoulnt have that many civilian buildings in them.

Alright this was some examples i had. I have more ideas but the topic is long enough. So to summarize but my generall idea is to make it look more alive and interesting while keeping the Swedish feeling. Feel free to suggest and talk about your own ideas.