Suggestions and overall feedback

I really enjoy this game, so much so to the point where I actively want to see this game improved and reach the full potential of the badarse game it can be. I feel like the weapons interface could be better. I realize it is more realistic, but not enough for me to think it’s optimal to only have two weapons and a sidearm available in combat without having to go into your inventory to change out to maybe a rocket launcher or sniper. My suggestion on the other half I feel like isn’t too much off of the original idea. More a tweak I guess. Maybe a hot key or a quicker inventory access just to be able to swap out guns on your person from your inventory. Also, Stamina kinda sucks. I just feel like it can be improved. Longer running, jumping takes away stamina, maybe just a bigger bar, idk. I also would like to see more customization of the skill tree, and with there being more skills, a little easier to obtain skill points/ not necessarily easier to level up, maybe get more as you level up or something. Easier levels I guess would help out with the beginning stages. But I do enjoy the grind. That being said I also am a big fan of NEW and BIGGER enemies. And a WAY BIGGER map. Like all of Sweden type big. I think it would open up the game for so many possibilities and better combat. The story lines I like, but also feel like there could be more detail behind the missions. More of them too. A bulletin board that gives you missions at each safe house or something. Maybe some bounties too like you pick it up and have to go search and take down a specific robot. Opportunity for new enemies right there too. Also the rendering especially in multiplayer is laggy and generally poor. Often time I find my game barely chugging along if there’s anything more than one big boy. Also I get a lot of crashes. I know some of this is repeated but I’m just adding it for entirety. I’m very glad this went on the free play days and I’m glad I purchased it after. I fully support this game and am very excited to see the updates to come. Cheers Boys.

Some good suggestions there…

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