Suggestions for Attacking machines

Good morning, this is for the Devs something cool, to have as a option in combat, instead of the hacking option, bring it one step further ,remote access: total control manipulation of a hunter or tank for time frame of a minute. Through the crafting table ,collect pieces through out in your travels from downed machines to make a remote transmitter.

Dies wäre aktives Hacking. Das zurzeit enthaltene Hacking ist passiver Natur. Meine Idee ist, das man sich selbst einen Jäger oder eine andere kleine Maschine als Begleiter beschaffen könnte. Dies würde mehr passen als Jahre ins Hacking einer einzelnen Maschine zu setzen, da diese von einer AI kontrolliert wird.

This would be active hacking. The currently included hacking is passive in nature. My idea is that you could get yourself a hunter or some other small machine as a companion. This would fit more than spending years hacking a single machine as it is controlled by an AI.

Nice idea, I thought of collecting parts from machines to activate the FNIX Cannons as a call in strike attack. The idea of collecting parts for an item only the player can use is a great thought process.