Suggestions for future updates

I’d like to share a few possible ideas for future updates which could make the game more interesting. These are random ideas wich aren’t thought through so there might be stupid ones in this list!
What do you guys think? Share your thoughts and ideas!

  • Free roaming Animals

    • Makes the world more lively
    • Possibility to kill and loot them (For example: Meat for health re-gen, skin for creating tents / camps, backpacks, sleeping bags…)
  • Camps

    • Quicktravel
    • Place your loot in chests which allows you to access it in every camp
    • Work bench to upgrade / customize weapons and accessories (clean or repair guns / accessories to get them to higher tiers, camos, maybe crafting things like stocks, grips, traps…)
  • AI

    • Spotting in Buildings is Ok (X-Rays, Thermal)
    • Spotting through enviromnent (Rocks, Mountains, especially Bunkers!) not Ok
    • Different enemies should have different and more pronounced tactics (the ‘dog’ is the only one who has a unique combat style imho)
  • Miscellaneous

    • More diverse buildings
    • Possibility to evade slashing attacks
  • Maybe add hunger and thirst

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