Suggestions for Introducing the Javelin and Epic-Scale Enemies


I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my time exploring the world of Generation Zero, but I have some exciting ideas to take the game to the next level. Here are my suggestions:

Introducing the Javelin:
The Javelin is the ultimate anti-tank weapon, and it would be a fantastic addition to Generation Zero’s arsenal. Imagine the satisfaction of taking down colossal machines with this powerful weapon. Whether it’s piercing through armor or delivering devastating blows, the Javelin could become a game-changer in battles against imposing foes.

More Variety of Enemies
I believe adding more variety would enhance the gameplay experience. Introducing new types of robots with unique abilities and behaviors would keep players on their toes. From fast-moving scout drones to heavily armored behemoths, each enemy should present a different challenge, requiring players to adapt their strategies accordingly.

Epic-Scale Enemies
To truly ramp up the excitement, why not introduce enemies of colossal proportions? Picture massive robots towering over the landscape, reminiscent of AT-AT Walkers! These epic-scale enemies would require coordinated efforts from players to take them down, making encounters both thrilling and memorable.



The first Reaper was Epic-Scale.

Got a surprise after a year almost not playing and during that time it was one of those old Epic Reapers walking around. And finally we decided to take him out. Just to get a new Reaper instan’t because the high lvl on the region. But seeing the new “new” Reaper… it was a bit meeh. Still need loads of ammo to take down but barely bigger than normal Tank.
Hadn’t bother to check why we got a Reaper Jr. in GZ and we just let his brother be after we killed him.

I’m totally in for a something Epic, either give us granpa Reaper back or construct a new PITA to fight against.

The reaper never was bigger. It was always an improved tank.

The only thing that changed is the visual effect of its shield generators.

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in the statics, the machines destroyed count, the reaper doesn’t count as a tank destroyed +1 count

Javelins did not exist in 1989/90 (they started being made en mass in 1996)
Im sure the U.S military had experimental units but thats about it, im sure Sweden, in Europe would not have its hands on secret U.S tech specially not being a member of NATO back then (it is now :wink: ).

Now considering that on this alternate reality the Swedes had advanced and very armored robotic units, we could come up with some similar weapon to the Javelin, but do we really need it? When we :

  • Dont have a good automatic shotgun
  • The rifles have very low damage
  • The 2 types of anti-tank weapons we have also have a lower damage than they should have
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Sure, feels and looks smaller now when it’s next to a barn or other tanks ?
That isn’t just my own tought. We that played back then all had the same conclusion.

We had Robot 56 BILL back in those days. Like a precursor to Javelin or a Javelin Light if you will.
Also the precursor to Robot 57 a.k.a NLAW.

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