Suggestions for new Ideas in GZ

Hello for everyone who read this! I have so many Ideas for GZ that i have a doubt they would all be added. But i hope that some of them are going to be possible to add at this buggy, but still my most Favorite Game. writing all the Ideas that i have would take to much Time. So i’m gonna write them one by one if i have Time for. If you agree one of the Ideas, pls leave a like so we can hopefully increase the Chance to have it one Day.

You should make own topics for them,if you don’t plan to post them at once. Makes it easier for discussion.

New EXP ammo types:

  • Nitrogen ammo: Do only a few amount of damage to the Machines, but the Machines take 1,5x more Damage to other ammo types then normally for a Short time if you hit them often enough (depending on the size of the Machine). EXP Weapon can make the Nitrogen ammo more deadly by Freezing them completely if they take enough hits for a short Time and take 2x more Damage by other ammo types

  • Ricochet ammo: Have the possibility to bounce by Impact. If a Machine is hit by this ammo type first and hit another Machine, the First take normal damage, but the second take only 66% of them and the third 33% damage. EXP Weapons can increase the number of times he can bounce and the Damage machines are taken are always 100%.

  • Magnetic ammo: Never miss the Target and hit the Closest Machine from the Bullet, but do lesser damage against the Machine then normal ammo. EXP Weapon can shooting 2 Magnetic ammo’s instead of one.

  • Explosive ammo: why this? We have already Explosive ammo. Yes, but they are more mines then Explosives. So why not instead changing the Name to “Mines Ammo” and giving the Name “Explosive Ammo” to the REAL ONE. Each bullet Explode by Impact and do Splash damage to a Short distance. EXP Weapon increase the size of the Explosion and do more damage.

  • Thermite Ammo / Round: Do slowly for a long term damage to a certain area of the Machine. EXP Gr49 increase the area of the thermite

  • Fog Round: Create by Impact a much bigger area of Smoke to take cover. EXP Gr49 increase the time before the smoke disappear.

  • Hell Round: A round that look like the gas canister, but are used to get pulled. Do Extreme heavy Damage, but has a small chance to give you heavy Fire damage for a long Time. EXP Gr49 have a very small chance to one shot a Machine if both rounds hit the same Machine. Cannot work on Reaper or Apocalypse Machines. They are too powerful.

  • Heat Buckshot: Damages Components behind Armor, but do less damage on indirect fire. EXP 12G can make small explosion with the Heat bullets inside of the Machine doing similar damage to the Components.

  • Corrosive Buck: Similar to the slugs, but with better range. EXP 12G do Higher corrosion at cost of range.

  • Shout ammo: create on Impact a small shock wave, doing very less damage, but has a bigger chance to make sway out the Machine. EXP Weapon has a small chance to knock out the machine.

  • incendiary Ammo/Round: Ammo are Similar to the EXP AG4 but weaker. Rounds create a big area of Fire and do damage to all they step on it. Player has a chance to take Fire damage. EXP Weapon make Ammo/Round doing longer fire damage to all they step on it and can even spread the Fire to all Machines that get to close to the burned Machines.

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One word: DENIED. We need more and better HACKING skills/overhaul.

If you want this, make your own suggestion for the community and pls don’t do negative comments by other people with it’s own Ideas. It really Hurt.

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Agreed. @GhostMJ, don’t just shoot down others’ ideas like that. Be constructive.

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