Suggestions for these forums

Hey all! And honored devs!

I am new to the game and these forums. But I like both of em very much!
Is there a friend system on these forums? Ir not, can you add one?

I use forums…A LOT. And having friends/following, adds value. Because some users I want to read what and when they have something to say =)

Any reason for no friend system here?

I REALLY like your badge system. Will that get developed? Since badges shows on profiles, you can get good info from the community you are part of. Badges for a lot of helping people = You trust their suggestions.

Badges should also include spamming threads. Lack of support for ideas, badge if you post 100 suggestions, but less then 1% thinks its a good idea.

You get the picture.

A friend function, please!
More badges, please!

Using good users to help on these forums, if they want to, is a VERY succesfull system, which “Paradox”, the developer of BATTLETECH and Stellaris among others.

Moderators, techical assistance, good game suggestions, etc, are badges that users who are picked by you, the company, to assist in these forums. Because they pass YOUR requirements to help out.

Many users enjoy this, and NON of us, expects any payment!
I recived a DLC in another game I was assisted moderater on. I got a mail, saying, as a year of active assisting our forums as a moderator, here is a gift from us to you.

Thats not needed! But use the community. Your badges are better then I’ve seen other forums!

Thats my suggestions!
Best regard
Kurnn, aka Cogo, Aka Krystallen, Aka Oghur Hatemachine

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