Suggestions of New weapons/vehicles

Now, we already have loads of guns in this game already, but how about some other weapons, modifications and such?for example:

New class; 7-star/Prototype’s the weapons that currently isn’t experimental at a powerful level.

  1. the AI-76 able to fire 8mm rounds + being capable of doing the “overcharge” the KPIST can do. Whilst having the ability to fire radioactive bullets (like the AG4 but radioactive)
  2. the HP5 being able to fire twice as fast whilst having the same capabilities of the Experimental AG4
  3. the .44 Magnus being literally the same as the experimental Pvg-90, just in pistol form and ammo
  4. the KVM 89 being able to turn normal 5.56mm into corrossive 5.56mm. It also can disturb smaller machines, like the runner and the Tick, disabling their ability to warn bigger machines.

New weapons:Granatgevär m/63 - (original weapon, AT4 rocket launcher) “a swedish 84 mm unguided, man-portable, single-shot, disposable, recoilless smoothbore anti tank weapon used by the army in the 80s. It is capable of shooting HEAT and HE rockets to deal with both heavily armed and soft targets.”

KVM 73 Machine gun (original weapon, MG42) “a weapon built in the early 50s, the KVM 73 has a high fire rate and it packs quite the punch with it’s 7.62mm rounds”

12-gauge semi-auto pump action (Original weapon, SPAS 12) “a shotgun used by both civilian and militaries around the world, this shotgun is fairly popular due to it’s design. It’s quick, does a lot of damage and is perfect for most situations.”

P32 SMG (original weapon, P90) “the fastest SMG of it’s time, it requires 50. Yep, 50 rounds of 9x 19mm just so you can feel save with this home-defense weapon.”

T-56 Sniper rifle (original weapon; AWP) “DESCRIPTION MISSING”

EK-91 (original weapon; Flammenwerfer 41) “DESCRIPTION MISSING”

12-gauge Double barrel Winqvarna 400 (original weapon; Browning B25 A1) “DESCRIPTION MISSING”

KVM-96 Machine gun (Original weapon; 12.7mm M2HB) “A powerful weapon used on ships and tanks alike, the KVM-96 has a high fire rate and is capable of firing .50cal rounds. It needs to be stationary on tripod legs to be able to be fired. It can also be mounted on the Strv 200 for additional capability while dealing with machines.”

AR-395 (original weapon; Steyr AUG-A3 ) “A powerful rifle only able to fire in burst mode, consumes 5.56mm.”

and suggestion of new vehicles;

Motorcyckel 3 (Original Vehicle; Husqvarna Model 250, Military version) “A motorbike used within the army in the 1960s, a favourite within the swedish army.”

Stridsvagn 200 ( Original Vehicle, Strv 105) “DESCRIPTION MISSING”


Personally, I think all of these are good ideas. I’m not sure about how the devs will feel about vehicles in game though, that’s been a highly debated subject in the past. But I wouldn’t complain if they did.

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If we take the last two survey’s in account, it seems to me that they are at least willing to think about vehicles if many people want it and if it is workable in the game without problems.

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to update:

2nd generation thermal vision module. Can be equipped to: any form of scope attachment.Instead of the regular thermal vision we have ingame, this one views in black and white.

Flamethrower extended tank: basically extended ammo mag, but for the Flamethrower.

.50BMG Explosive ammo: “Does more damage to Machines, but comes at a cost of less ammo can be loaded into the magazine and lesser range.”

Tracer ammunition: “Bullets are more visible when firing, helps one with seing where you are shooting.”

7.62mm Electric Jamming ammo: “When fired, this ammo can disrupt machines when shot. The machines will stop working for a few moments before being able to respond to the attack.”

84mm APHE rounds: “Unlike the HEAT rounds, these rounds are capable of penetrating many machines, or inflicting major damage to bigger machines.”

84mm HESH rounds: “If you like crushing machines with their own metal, this is the ammo to go. The impact force of the HESH rounds can Destroy a harvester-class in 3 shots. If using the Experimental veriant, Even the mighty Reaper will have to watch out for you.”

LMG AK Nato-Winger,5,52?mm Leuchspur(Tracer),Drum-Mag.≈100Rounds…:hugs:

it would be good if we could utilize the tanks by having the gun work for the broken ones and being able to drive to good one not by much but enough to make a trap
E.G a broken tank is on the side of the road, but the gun still works and there is a round left just need to be loaded in and fired and attach a string to the trigger as to have some distance between you and the enemy or you find a working tank but is low in fuel so you dive it out and set an ambush for the approaching tank due to the noise or others like a pack of runners " say hello to my little friend"

the stuff we could get up to would be funny

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