Suggestions to improve Photo Mode

I think some things could and should be done to revamp the brilliant Photo Mode. :slight_smile:

There are so many great photo ops you come by, but they’re often very hard to capture because of the clumsy controls on entering Photo Mode, but also for adjusting the camera settings.
I would love to have a kind of crossing between this Photo Mode, and the camera in TheHunter: COTW, for those of you who are familiar with that game. So my suggestions are:

  • Remove the Photo Mode from the emote wheel, and give it an assignable hotkey instead.
  • Like in COTW, allow the player to freely move around while in Photo Mode.
  • While in Photo Mode, assign another hotkey to open camera settings.
  • Having the ability to move while in Photo Mode, you could also allow the player to remain in Photo Mode if attacked. This would help a lot in getting those awesome combat photos!
  • Entering Photo Mode while doing an emote would still engage a 3’rd person view of the player, provided you keep standing still.
  • A simple suggestion lastly. Give us an emote where the player stands in a neutral posture!
    Like this:

What do you think? :slight_smile:

(I am of course aware that consoles maybe don’t have the extra hotkeys required… Or do they?)


Also upgrade the orientation to include portrait and for ‘Roll’ to extend up to 90 degrees.

Very good suggestions! As for console, photo mode is available from the pause menu as well, so if they don’t have the hotkey for it, they could still use that :slight_smile: