(Suggestions)World war two weapons

I personally think that the game needs more weapons its just after World War II and we don’t see any World War II weapons anywhere I find kind of disappointing I would love to see a lee enfield or a m1 grand and know it’s a while after World War II but I think there should be old military Bases around the world where you could find these weapons, Great game

The game is set in 1989. :slight_smile:

Only 50 years :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well, a Colt 1911 in .45 ACP would be a great “old” weapon to be added.
I can think of so manny more, but the good old Colt 1911 Pistol would be a nice adittion for starters :wink:
A lot of hunters have this as a backup handgun, so finding it across 80’s Sweeden would be very logic/plausible. It is very comparable with the .44 Magnus revolver we have in GZ alreaddy.
It thas stronger Ammo than the 9 mm pistol in the game but therefor also a lower ammo counting clip.
A genuine Colt 1911 only has 7 rounds. So as I said, quite comparable with the magnus but being a pistol instead of a revolver. Would love to see that in GZ.

I love the 1911, but considering the setting, I think it’d be more appropriate to include the Swedish Pistol m/07 and take some creative liberties with damage output (inferior to 9mm IRL, could be better in the game).

That’s an amazing idea hogge

Krag–Jørgensen is in the perfect time period and quite popular in the 19 century


I don’t believe there’s any reasonable way that would be a thing in Sweden.
A Mauser, however…

Plus, I’m way more hype for seeing the inclusion of the AG42:

WWII weapons is going back in time a little far for this game, methinks. It’s not unlikely you’d find weapons of that era in Sweden in the late 80s, but I don’t think they’d be plentiful.

As much as I like the 1911 in real life and other games, I’d really hate to see American firearms find their way into this game. We already have the .44 and .50. I think that’s really enough. This isn’t an American game, and the setting just doesn’t work for that. If you were to be scouring abandoned houses or military bases in 1989 Sweden, you wouldn’t be finding many American guns at all.

The guns currently in the game would have been found regularly in either military, police or civilian use in 1989 Sweden and suit the game world just fine. In the case of the AK47, not sure how common it would have been in Sweden, but seeing how it’s the most used military rifle in the world, it’s plausible that it would be found.

If there were to be more guns added (I’m not sure we need more), I’d like to see more Swedish military (like the Minimi perhaps) or other civilian firearms that were readily available in Scandinavia in those days.

In my personal opinion, I would rather see the current firearms and ammo types balanced better than adding more unbalanced weapons. The current weapon balance is totally screwed if you ask me. There’s really little differentiation between guns of the same class.

  • .32 and 9mm have very little noticeable difference in range or damage. Only real advantage of the Klauke is that it holds more ammo.

  • .44 isn’t very good. Its damage output is way too low (only marginally better than the other pistols) considering how crippled you are with only 6 rounds before a long reloading and the small stack sizes you can carry.

  • 9mm SMG ammo is superfluous and kind of dumb (sorry devs, but it is). The point of an SMG is to use PISTOL ammo and not to have to carry asecondary ammo type. To have separate ammo for it defeats the intent. The SMGs aren’t effective enough to make them worthwhile carrying a different ammo type for.

  • There’s very little difference between the AG-4 and AI-76 other than handling when in reality, they should be firing very different ammo. 7.62x51 NATO for the AG-4 is a full power cartridge. It should do higher damage and be much harder to control. 7.62x39 is an intermediate, lower power cartridge.

  • There’s not a lot of difference between the 2 hunting rifles. Choosing the technically “better” one is actually detrimental because of rarer ammo drops. Stick with the Meusser until you can find a .50 cal. The Algstudsare rifle isn’t really worth it, even though it’s supposed to be the higher end option. You’re trading off no performance difference for lower ammo capacity and rarer ammo drops in the world.

  • Pansarvärnsgevär 90 is terribly underpowered. Other than magazine size and being able to take out relay beacons at extremely long ranges in 1 shot without needing to engage the machines guarding it, it’s usefulness is pretty questionable. I can understand not giving game guns real life characteristics, but this is horribly underpowered. This thing should be able to take out seekers and runners in a single shot every time, regardless where they’re hit. And they should be able to severely mess up hunters as well, especially with AP rounds. As it stands, I’ve at times had to put 2-4 shots (regardless of ammo type) into a seeker - sometimes at near point blank range - to destroy it. That exactly the same as if I was using one of the hunting rifles.

  • Rocket launcher is crap against anything but groups of runners and tick swarms. It does minimal damage to hunters, and next to none for the big guys. What’s the point in having anti-armour weapons if they’re utterly ineffective against anything armoured? And has anyone effectively used smoke rounds (or grenades for that matter)? Other than blinding myself and my team, I’ve never had them be of any use. They don’t seem to confuse the machines.

Sorry for the wall of text, but I honestly think that fixing the balance of the existing guns should be a far higher priority than adding new, unbalanced guns to the mix. I know people like variety, but I’d rather have variety in what’s currently available than more of the same.

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I would love to se KSP 58 in the game =)
It is a swedish built version of FN MAG

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some older swedish weapons would be cool for sure , maybe have them in bunkers as part of the civil defense strategic reserve or something

Having the 9mm ammo types become the same ammo type would kind of make sense. I agree that both the magnum and the 50cal need a buff, but the 50cal needs a nerf in mag size or rate of fire in return then

Agreed. I’d be all for a nerf of ammo capacity. Right now that 18 round capacity (with the 5 star extended mag) is ridiculous. 10 should be the maximum limit. Those rounds weigh close to a half pound or more each, depending on the type of ammo. 18 rounds plus the 30 lbs for the rifle itself would be more than anyone could shoot standing or on the move, let alone carry effectively.