Super Aggressive Hunters

Just finished a session in Lilla doing a replay on Xbox, I have never seen hunters act so aggressively, jumping on roofs , strange shots through walls, and chasing me down like hell, not complaining brought the old feelings back!
Anyone else had this ?

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Yes and no, I love the aggressive fighting prowess of the hunter, or atleast wish they could give more of it. Ive had hunters jump up to attack me and incidentally land on the roof with me, its too bad its just a behavior thing.

I once walked through a door too an apocalypse hunter waiting in the room for me, Short distance lunge with a chance of giving me a heart attack.

Sometimes they glitch into the building so its not supposed to happen. Their scale is well…BIG and cant fit through doors.


I’ve had them appear on the second floor of barns after jumping, but yeah the fights are definitely getting lively :wink::+1:

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You want to have a good time with hunters? Head to Ängsnäs Manor in the South Coast region :wink:


Would really love to see a very aggressive APOC Rival harvester that spawned super aggressive Hunters but not just APOC type but the sniper ones too. The ones that stand in the distance and fire when you are not looking. I have a love/hate relationship with them already!

I have no love for the Hunters that can shoot me through shipping containers and whole warehouses. Sorry, but that railgun is ridiculous. :wink:

then theres me who wants Tank rail guns to insta kill you, because its so so easy to Dodge😂

Also Im not sure I would classify the shoulder mounted cannan on hunters a rail gun, more like an anti material rifle. :thinking:

As for the tanks new armerment, I would expect it to be far more dangerous then the hunters glorified sniper rifle, with more penetrating power or impact force.

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Funny thing is that the railgun doesn’t instantly bring you down, maybe ~85% of your health.
So you can mis-time one dodge. :point_left:

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That tank mounted rail gun does very little damage by comparison to the cannon the hunter carries. And it doesn’t even shoot you straight through buildings :joy:

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No. Yesterday a tank killed me with his railgun instantly. (from 100 to 0)

If a hunter hits me I usualls have about 10 hp.

Could be a matter of resistance buffs from the skill tree, because when I get hit by rail gun my character loses 90%
And I’m playing in Gorilla.

But I find the Hunter to do about just as much.

I also have two crown bullet resistance so that might help too😂

I don’t know. Maybe luck for you and bad luck for me. I have this skill, too. Additionally all clothes on 5c resistances. :man_shrugging:

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:joy: Is damage R&G?
Is that a thing?

Maybe I got a direct hit and you not?

You could test it next time you see a tank with railgun. Just stand still. :wink:

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Will Do!!!:yum:

No better way to test it out lol

With a name like “Hunter” you would expect them to be more aggressive when it comes to attacking you. As far as the ones with the rail gun, which I love/hate them, there seems to be two types in play. The ones that have the red beam that gives away their position and the super sneaky ones that give off just a slight hint they fired. They blend into the background so you can’t easily scan for them and you get hit while scanning. They are truly sniper hunters. I have been pinned down more than once by the sniper hunters and at times the whole squad is getting hit by them. They are always very exciting to go against and to fight.

More than once they have been the cause of burning through a half dozen advance med kits. To me, unlike the rivals that are easy to track, find and destroy, this game needs the sniper hunters and their weapons need to match that sneaky aggression. In a way they are more fun than any other machine when you run into them and love/hate when there are more than just one of them…THAT is crazy fun!


Wow. And I was standing in front of one to see what damage it did and it only did around 30 damage per shot. I do have damage mitigating clothing and skills though. Still, the hunter drops me to 10% health regardless of protection (like the protection of a warehouse or a stack of shipping containers :joy: )


I was stand on top of a cabin at the ski resort in Himfjall, APOC hunter pounced up where I was at and no sooner did he land, not only did I take damage from the pounce but he did a slash and knocked me down. While I was getting up I was slashed again and another hunter torched me. So I died twice before I could move much and get away from them.

I would love to encounter more fights like this and I hope it happens enough that I learn a good defense from it. Keeps me on my toes and keeps me from the boredom of nothing else to do in the game beside pick off machines. These hunters are 3 times our size and isn’t it expected to have to use more than a baseball bat to destroy them? Because they tote a saber, I was think we should also expect close combats with them.

And now they evolved to have a rail gun, we can drop them in a single shot with a PVG 90 rail gun, should theirs be weaker? They are heavily armored, we are not.
Got to love the sneaky, stealthy hunter snipers, hiding and just taking pop shots when you are not looking. I think they even hold their breath if you get to close so you don’t see them as easy, they don’t make noise till you spot them and no lights either.


“we can drop them in a single shot with a PVG 90 rail gun, should theirs be weaker?”
Nope. It just pisses me off when those buggers shoot me straight through buildings, tanks, trucks and piles of cargo containers :wink:

My personal encounters are:
Most Aggressive: FNIX Hunter Rival that chased me down for 5 minutes under constant fire
Most Determined Not To Die: Military Seeker that survived 8 shots from an Exp. PVG-90
Fastest: FNIX runner that almost teleported at the speed it was running at.
Best Hidden: Military Hunter that for some reason had all its lights off in the hedges.
Wtf are you here for: A FNIX hunter that somehow made its way into the Archipelago. Didn’t screenshot sry

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