Super Strength Runners


I had killed a Tank just down from the church and towards the sea in Ostervik when the carcass was hit by a runner. The tank shot up in the air like a rocket. After a bit of searching it had landed over by the Ostervik Industrial Facility. Have some runners now been given super strength? :blush:


No, that’s how the physics of dead machines work in GZ :rofl:


That specific feature drives my autistic side bonkers…
How the fsck does a tick throw around a tank/harvester like a ragdoll, just by running under it??


This is most likely intended since without it, live machines would get stuck within dead machine scrapheaps.


Machines burried under bigger machines should or be heavily damaged IF they manage to free themselves, or be totally destroyed.
As it is now, it is, especially to me, very immersion breaking.

I mean, a 10 metric tonnes machine getting stomped around by something like a tick?
Well, then I want to be able to pick say a Harvey up, and smack other machines with it. :frowning:

Machines can easily circle around a dead object.


Ah, the Havok physics engine and it’s little shortcomings :slight_smile:


They could just make the ticks not collide with dead machines. It’s not like machines dieflat on the ground, if ticks walk straight through dead machines there’s plenty of nooks and cranny to rationalize it.


It’s not just Ticks though, Runners do it as well, even Hunters dare throwing a Tank/Harvey aside…