Support Augments

Playing on PS 4
I have support augmentation designs that I have completed, (power attacker, slow and steady, and sound muffling) and It says go to consumable crafting station to unlock. At the craft station there is nothing in the support column, but I was able to unlock Crouching Tiger, Quick Learner, and Skilled Spotter previously. I am new to GZ, so I don’t have any 4 or 5 crown guns, so I know I did not unlock the augments I do have unlocked with a particular gun, and I do understand that you need a 4 or 5 in order to use primary and support, but I am confused how I was able to unlock some, but not any more. I feel like I just hit the square button a few days ago to unlock the ones I do have unlocked. Also
a 2 crown bat should be able to be augmented with a melee only augment like power attacker, but I have no way to unlock it.

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It’s all about the tier of the weapons you have. 2–3 crowns can only equip Primary Augments. 4-5 will be able to equip Primary and Support Augment. So if you don’t have any 4 and 5 crown weapons, then you wouldn’t be able to see the Support Augments. I hope I understood your issue correctly and this answer helps. As for the 2 crown bat, I’m really not sure why it wouldn’t allow you to attach a primary augment if it’s already unlocked. It might be a bug.