Suppressor questions

1 Does attaching a suppressor to a weapon really make it harder for the enemy robots to detect gunfire (I.e.; make the player more stealthy)?

2 Do suppressors reduce velocity, range, damage, or otherwise affect the weapon’s ballistics?

Pew-pew! Thanks!

Suppressors do make it harder for enemies to detect you but not by much.
As far as im aware they do affect anything else except how loud the shots are.

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Suppressors reduce the noise your weapon makes. The better the quality, the better it masks the gunshot. There are no downsides to using a suppressor in the game.

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From my experience its the distance from the enemies you are than the suppressor itself ( 120m+

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As far as i can understand things; yes, surpressors work just as expected, making the bang go pfft.
A silenced bullet that kills a runner for instance, will not alert the other runners in the pack, unless theyre really close to the destroyed enemy.

Firing a single long-range bullet from a silenced rifle may not give away your position if your target isnt insta-killed, but firing a bunch of them bullets will give away your location.
And it appears as if one enemy spots you, your presence is instantly known by all other enemies in that particular group.

I have shot silenced long-range rifle rounds at a single tank, taking out its main armaments without him detecting me by waiting between shots (until his yellow attention-light goes white), so it IS possible to take out even heavy enemies with a silenced weapon without anyone noticing you.

I havent noticed any negative effects of using suppressors (like velocity, damage and such), the trajectory seems to be identical (you hit the same spot regardless), so my guess is that it only affects sound.

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