Survival Running Speed

Any idea if this affects the natural running speed, like when you are long distance running with no stamina left, or is only for short bursts?

Hi Beefers, the skill helps you run faster, both running and sprinting. Then the stamina helps you run longer and the recharge helps you regain faster.

Notice when you hit “sprint” you are faster a short time, stamina lets you sprint longer and then the recharge is less time to sprint again.

These 3 skills sets help you fight the machines. Since it is best not to just stand still and let the machines have their way with you, keep moving. Short bursts of speed (sprint) helps dodge their attacks and you can reposition then to aim, fire, sprint to new position and so on. That is handy when one on one but when attacked by multi-machines then hip fire as you run in different directions and sprint when reloading. Even when a hunter does his pouch thing, you can sprint towards him to go under him while he is in the air. He can extend his pouch if you run away but can’t change direction.

Hope I was helpful and enjoy your game!


Thanks for the info!

To be clear, running is what happens when you sprint, but run out of stamina, and the 15/30% from the ability would apply in this case?

In the game, when you move standing up you are “jogging”. Hitting your sprint key gives you a burst of speed, the speed ability makes you jog and sprint faster. Stamina makes your burst of speed last longer. You see your stamina bar go down slower. Recharge makes the bar go back up faster.

Here is my research from one bug report: