Survivor tree Eagle Eye Challenge

The crow’s nest in the barn at Svalby Farm -368.811, -648.262 west of Broskulla perfectly overlooks the Apocalypse class machines at Dyrboslatten Crater across the Overbyan River and it even points west at the river bend. I found a Firebird to the northwest, some Hunters fighting Lynx due west, and the Apocalypse machines southwest before walking up the plank to get into the crow’s nest in the loft because the staircase is blocked. Although I was disappointed when picking off an Apocalypse Harvester didn’t trigger the Eagle Eye achievement, I had better luck with the Apocalypse Tank @399m with the PVG90. I think the Hazard Suit boots are the best looking boots in the game, although I can’t bring myself to switch out my Miami loafers at the moment because they match the accessories on my outfit. I used to think the Eagle Eye Challenge was broken XP

If you own Alpine Unrest, try this:

But one thing is quite interesting.
I read an update log from december 2020 where the necessary distance was decreased to 375 meters. What’s right now?

As for the Hazard Suit boots, they do have a pretty unique look to them. It’s understandable to be attached to your Miami loafers though, especially if they complement your outfit so well

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