Swedish Folklore - Do you know what this is?

Okay, on for the non-swedish friends! What’s on this photo I took just a couple of minutes ago?

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I guess it’s a result of rabbits humping everything. This chimera has wings, a beaver tail and is humping a stick :joy:

Tbh I really don’t know.

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That is a Skvader. A swedish folklore animal that resembles a crossing between a hare and a grouse. :wink:

As we all know, a bunker in GZ is named after this animal. :+1:


Not come across that

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Bang on target man! :grinning::+1:

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Rabbit have no wing, and that is not a rabbit

After look at my big tv i see it is a rabbit, butt i it have wins, so a mutation rabbit

@ Norraberget Sundsvall

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Correct! (But not THAT kind of bunker inside the mountain) :slightly_smiling_face:

:thinking: Follow the white rabbit ? :sunglasses:


I guess if a pigeon and a rabbit you know :eyes: that’s the result

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Pretty close. It’s actually a folk lore mixup of a hare and a capercaillie. :slightly_smiling_face:

A Chernobyl rabbit.

Edit: I took the liberty of changing the title to be a litle less clickbaity.


How big is that thing, but that shed looks rather small

Well, the shed is for ordinary rabbits. The sculpture is maybe 150 cm long.

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It appears that they will occasionally cross-breed with the American “jackelope.”

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