Swimming Robots


I dont know if this is a bug or not but I had hunters coming to my location from under the lake. The screenshot only shows one but there was three of them before I died…


Where did they go into the water? And how did they get up that hill without you slotting them? In fact how did they get up that slope at all - they aren’t climbers, Hunters!


I didnt see then go into the water just coming out on three sides the image shows a steep climb but it wasnt so steep, I think the amazement of it stopped me in my tracks, that and there deadly acurate fire. I respawn at the same place (the church behind me) and took a screenie of the one remaining swimmer or rather diver.


There are odd things beginning to happen - I saw a Dog paddling the other day - wasn’t looking for me, it was just paddling. When I engaged it it ran away and didn’t come back… I killed a Hunter the other other day, which was wading towards me (I mean 350 yards away) and then fell down in the water and I couldn’t loot it - not that there’s anything worth having on them…


Must be a new thing, havnt seen any rusty robots yet :laughing:


A while ago I killed a Hunter, and it fell into a lake… And floated on the surface. Not sure if it’s related, but it’s equally as silly.