Systematic inventory crash on ps4

Platform: PS4
Description: Will Imove or scroll down in another categorie than de “ALL” one, like often but not only for example “ammo”, or when I tried to change the sort option by selecting “Alphabetical”, the game systematically and instantly FREEZE. The screen stay like this why no action possible except close the app.
If I lanched the game again and do the same action the result is always the same.
So I cant’ use the sort’s option of the inventory and should stay on the global view to avoid a crash.
The problem was the same before and after the last patch.
The first time the problem as occurred is when I’ve tried to change the sort option to alphabetical.
Players in your game : MONO PLAYER
I’ll do a video soon.

There might be two kinds of bugs related to inventory in your describtion.

  1. There are known issues with some attachments, especially shotgun chokes or smg compensators. It’s not always and for everyone, but some seem to be bugged and cause freezes or crashes in inventory.
    I personally had this once with a choke.

  2. Sorting and filtering (other than the usual setting) is also known to be able to cause issues. I personally had this a few times, too, until I decided to not use it any more. It’s not really that the game freezes and crashes, but at least the screen freezes and the sound keeps on playing normally, like you described.

Hum, okay, that way the game is hardly playable. Especially with lot of items if you cant’ sort (just chronologically) or filter them, it’s a bit disappointed…
I’ve made two tests right now and videos (but there no option to send video here) and the problem always occur when going in the inventory to “equipment” category and scroll down. Sometimes it’s freeze on ground radio, or explosive tank, it’s not an item in particulary. It’d never happen on weapons categories for the moment.
The first time the probleme occur was when I’ve tried to change the filtering options. Since it’s always happen even with the default setting “chronological” that I always use now.

That’s your opinion.
Many of us veterans played it that was for years. The sorting/filtering options haven’t been there since release. They came with an update about 2 years ago, if I recall right.

But yes, inventory management would be much better if it would work properly.

That’s one of the negative sides of getting more an more storage capacity: If you hoard all the stuff you find and fill up your storage 'til max capacity, it’s harder to find what you’re looking for.

and also why newer players like myself cleaned out the storage of everything but what I really wanted. less in there means less problems, less problems means more fun. besides the more you play you will see you don’t need to hoard stuff.

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Yes, that’s it. I can totally understand a beginner that stores just everything you can find, because in the beginning of a new game you never know what’s important and what not.
It’s a process of learning and also depends on each playstyle and how far you are in the game and if you try to reach the “100%” and finish all challenges or if you just play for fun.