Tactical Equipment Pack

It appears they have yet another pack ready to be released at some point, likely after New Dawn has launched. It also includes the promised Molotov we got shown last year.


Yup…we are going to need extra storage space…
Or a storage just for weapons and another just for ammo and “tactical” equipment

It does not bother me that much, but its a bit " meh" we havent got a real dlc…a new island, new story in years instead of these packs, the map keeps getting smaller and less dangerous to us.
Soon enough…we will be the agressors and the machines the Resistance :sweat_smile:


Looks like we’re finally getting that Molotov they teased back in February 2021.

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Another new pack and we have yet to see the improvements added to previous packs that should have been included on release.

Some base game and DLC weapons are still underpowered. N16 still looks like a mid teir roblox shooter.

Do not get me wrong these items here do look cool. I just cannot trust them to come out in a bug free and balanced state.

Time will tell.


Mate maybe don’t hoard everything so much, I have every weapon in the game and a decent amount of ammo and stuff. Still have over 100kg space left in the box.
Another storage expansion is not needed


Almost the same for me.
But I too have about 75 firework boxes in the plundra. They are unique and just for special moments. I’m at about 375kg at the moment.

Some items are worth storing, some are less worth. Of course I could recycle some of my double 5c and 6c weapons. But there are some things you sometimes need a lot, but they have a great weight compared to the amount you need to have. Most weapons instead weight too less.
It’s another topic…

I love the idea of this new pack, but as you said:

  • More storage is needed in future.
  • Some things of previous packs aren’t finished.
  • There is always a risk for serious bugs.

May I guess that:

  • Molotov will weight 0.200kg?
  • sentry turret will weight 2.0kg?
  • Toy lure will weight 0.500kg?

Additionally I think there will be new schematics that bring a new ressource with it. Either a completly new one or another consumeable becomes a new ressource, too, like the flares did in resistance-weapon-pack… So another item we will store in our plundra or recycling station in order to be able to craft more.

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Happy to see a pack that’s focused on equipment.

Weapon packs are always good too but I’m at a point where I’ll rarely use them unless for fun, since I already have the best weapons in the game.

The resistance weapons pack was a step in the right direction since all those weapons were unique.

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Looks like a shield shown in that ad for the new pack as well.

Do what I and a lot of people do and create a character for use as a storage mule.

I keep a full set of 5c weapons and a full set of 6c weapons and accessories in the plundra, the rest get stored on a character mule.

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“Goodbye, to my money…
I’m kiiinda broooooke…
cuz I’m only still a teen with, nooo liiiife…”
(to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody)

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I am looking forward to getting this. The sentry turret seems a nice addition. :coffee:


That would be nice. I tried to get over to the big island east of the Forest Region, blew myself up, can’t get there. The game said I don’t own that (whatever it was) and relocated me back to Littorp safehouse. Oh well…

Its empty anyway, just trees and mountains, maybe some holes and tunnels with no structures there.


It’s already online in Playstation store. Just bought it.

I’m wondering that no one talks about this dlc.

It’s so great and in my eyes the best dlc.
It offers so many tactical depth.

  • Place a toy lure besides some cars and see the hunters going for the dog… Boom.
  • You need some cover? Place a tactical shield. Oh, and btw… It offers really new tactics: You want to reach a place you can’t, even with your 5c jump shoes? Place a tactical shield, climb on it and try again.
  • The sentry turrets… I love those little bullet spilling machines. Yes, you read right. One of the best distraction if you’re outnumbered. But really stays too short in my eyes.
  • Molotov-Cocktails look nice. If you “consumed” one, you feel better. But what else are they good for? Let me know your experiences.
  • Last but not least there is the sticky remote bomb. Perfect for a good surprise. Place traps without being seen or heard and pull the trigger, if the moment has come.

An ambush has never been so fun with all these goodies.


I bought it, but haven’t yet installed it. I wanted to explore the map first without any distractions, and build my six bases.

One addition to the sticky remote bomb.

You can stick it on any object.
When playing in coop a few days ago I placed some at the rolling balls of destroyed lynx. They rolled down a hill and then I pulled the trigger. :grin:

You can also stick them on a bicycle. Keep in mind, that others players don’t get hurt by your explosives. Place them on a bike, cycle into a group of machines and the owner of the bombs pulls the trigger. :rofl: :boom:

Works even with footballs… But be careful when shooting at the ball to quickly move it. If you hit the bomb, it explodes.

The only difficult is to hit where you want to hit with the sticky bomb.