Tactical Response Update: Procedural Mission question

I’m having a bit of a pickle, I got the FNIX Outpost Sabotage procedural mission, its waypoint took me to an empty space, and the mission simply says that I have to get inside the Outpost.

There was a FNIX base nearby so I tried heading there, but it simply began the base assault mission we always had.

Am I being an idiot and not seeing something obvious or is the mission bugged?

No, you are not an idiot. :smiley: I made that mission today. There was a FNIX Base near by the little lake. After i defeatet and looted her she dissapeared and there was an empty place. Only the robots that i shot down where laying around. I’m on PC, which Platform where you?

This was the view when I finished it.
Location North East of Sandbo (-2111, 1140)


I had the same view after i looted the stuff

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@helldiver, Where did your “Fnix outpost Sabotage” mission spawn, also near Sandbo?

@Nimu, To what location did your “Fnix outpost Sabotage” mission lead you?

Yes near Sandbo. I was at the little Camp at the little lake what is close to Sandbo

I trying to keep tabs on where these missions spawn. :coffee:
I forgot to take photos of the other two missions, but they will return I bet.

It was approximately in the red marked area

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This was not here last time I was online. I guess it was a bug/lag after all.
It seems, sometimes, these procedural missions may fail to load into the gameworld.


It was West of Boo

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Thanks Nimu. Did you like this one? I did.

Pretty fun if I say so myself, but the reward was a little underwhelming for a weekly mission.

The mission is the reward for me. I don’t want weapons nor do I want resources. I get those every day.
Also this is no weekly mission in the sense that it may take you days to complete, it’s is just a short mission that spawns one a week. And they are fun to do.

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mine show up repeatedly also, who says it’s a glitch :+1: in my opinion I like them showing up on a dailie day