Tactics to quickly destroy FNIX bases

I think I have made it very clear that I do not like the base building direction GZ is going but, because I do like destroying reapers, I destroy these bases as soon as one appears, and I can get to it. I got to one so fast once that it didn’t even have generators yet, so it was just destroy control tower.

I try to recon a base before I attack, looking for the beams coming up from the generators. If I am far enough away, I use PVG 90 level 6 with AP rounds and knock a hole in the outer walls to give me direct access. If I can get access to them all, I then run down to the base and go straight to the closest generator and open it. I back far enough away to send a pair of rockets from the level 6 rocket launcher, that normally destroys the generator and a few near by machines and other components of the base, if any, inside the cell the generator was in. I head to the next generator and destroy it in the same fashion and don’t waste ammo or resources on machines. Standard sprint to dodge fire and duck behind walls. Once I have access to the control tower, I back up and double shot the control tower every time it powers down. While waiting, I switch to KVM, AG4 or the M46 to take out only machines firing at me. There are a lot of machines that just like to watch.

Once the tower is destroyed, most everything else goes away and the scrap of machines left to loot are quickly picked through and back off to a recycle and crafting station to dump the same old resource you get over and over.

I do not take control of the control point and I don’t build anything. I still have my one base built when all this started and I avoid going to it.

This method of not letting the bases get strong seems to work well, do not have tick swarms or crashes. I had one crash while fighting a reaper, had it down to 20% and came back it was back up to 30% when reloaded the game.

I do crash and get logged off when I am a guest in co-op and the host map has all the control points taken over by FNIX. We hit one of these bases, it is rare that something isn’t screwed up and players keep crashing or being bumped from the game and a lot of the issues others are stating as happening.

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Sounds exactly the tactics I use :slight_smile: