Tagging the bots


sure be nice to look thru scope or binnocs and be able to tag the bots. so we could follow there movement. i was sneaking around and all of a sudden theres this Hunter 3ft away, never heard him. he gased me and i died.


That’s available on the skill tree.


wow thank you. under what label.


You’ll want enemy marking on the left support column.

If your going planning on using the binoculars often, then I would also recommend the hacker perk by fully maxing out the left Tech column.


So helpful thank you.


Well, i’ll spot you a couple more as your finding your feet.

Should you ever need more storage as your character, and game time progresses you may want to consider setting up a 2nd character as backup storage or as it’s known - a Mule.

There are also mixed reviews on the current difficulty on console - and should you consider another character down the line, I also put together a power build, including all weapons suited tried and tested.

Both can be found here -> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9q2VpXLii5YK2MxjV8r5Hg?view_as=subscriber

There’s been a lot of traffic here since 23rd June, so any issues - someone will pick it up.


Thanks again. this is great info. got my backpack at full skill level. off to sweden.