Taking on the FNIX Tank

I’ll probably get branded as some kind of masochist now, but I am loving how tough Tanks have become. They feel like a proper boss fight, and the Tanks command respect. Someone urged me to fight a FNIX Tank, so here it is. The only weapons I use are; my 5 crown Kpist, my 5 crown .243 Meusser, a couple EMP grenades (one which misses it’s target) and some rather ineffective grenades…

Part 1

Then, I went to find another FNIX Tank that I could try to take on without EMP cells. This one was fought in a very bad spot with large open areas, so I used whatever I could from my inventory.

Part 2


How’d you get all of the ammunition? (Plays Xbox and wonders how because nothing works)

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Salvage perks make enemies drop a lot more ammo. A runner can drop 30-70 9mm SMG bullets, for example. Makes it really worthwhile when fighting lots of enemies.

Maybe in the far north of the map but the starter zone spawns like 4 7.62 off hunters and up to 8 shells on a runner, 100% increase would be 8 7.62 or 16 shells (probably birdshot) and more than 30-40 used in the fight if you’re unable to exploit the ai and have to fight on open ground. Not fun and definitely not a way to replenish ammo

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Oh, two great fights ! And a good help to show the spots to be aimed and the quantity of ammo, medkits and adrenaline to prepare before. Thanks.

NB. The second tank did not spawn ticks, they are not all equipped in the similar way, or was it a question of its AI ?

Good clips, but think, not everyone has 1200 rounds to buck off at a tank at one time of any of the same rounds. It looks like you collect 9mm SMG ammo and shotgun rounds which consume like 90% of your inventory… many, many people are not going to do this, me included. I like 7.62 or 5.56 rounds as they deal way more damage, but right now it seems that the smaller caliber guns, deal damage a lot better because of the rate of fire. Like earlier, I only had a grey pump, and the .45 acp pistol, I had like 3 or 4 hunters, and about 6 of those walkers surrounding me in a barn (this was in the very beginning of the game, which is ridiculous considering you have like 3 simple medkits, and extremely limited bullets) I ran out and clipped the Hunter with like 6+ birdshot rounds, a few buckshot, and then got killed cause walkers just appeared right behind me inside when I wasn’t facing that way, AND had all doors closed. Anyways, I respawned and decided I’d sneak around to the beacon so I could get a field radio to put down incase I died and didn’t want to run all the way back there. So after taking out the walkers and beacon, a new hunter started approaching me, and I thought, screw it if I die it’s whatever, I’m not wasting the rest of my shotty rounds or medkits. Now I don’t know if he was glitched or what but he was only walking towards me like they do when they survey an area. I put 2 clips of .45 acp into him, and he went down after the 2nd or 3rd shot from my 3rd clip. So about 15 .45 rounds killed him. Yes I was shooting him in weak points, and I don’t believe it was a damaged hunter from before cause this was a different area and way he approached. And also, maybe the tank strength right now wouldn’t be so bad if explosives actually did more than 1dmg… this red canisters should do 25% dmg so it would take 4 of them to kill a tank, which takes up 4 inventory spaces. Still, I think those big propane tanks should stack at with at least 2-3 max before starting a new slot in inventory.
(Sorry for the novel)


I like stories :slight_smile:

If you have the Salvage perks, ammo stacks up really quickly. Especially 9mm ammo and shotgun shells like birdshot and buckshot because they’re so common. SMG’s are not overly effective against heavily armored opponents like FNIX Tanks but I wanted to give it a try. Felt like using an airsoft, it did almost no damage to the thing compared to the 7,62 weapons I’ve used before. I like having a large pool of ammo, I know it takes up a lot of space, but I don’t really like throwning away all the ammo I keep finding.

For the vids I deliberately attack the Tanks, but sometimes you never know when you run into a huge fight. Better safe than sorry. And yeah, there’s a reason I didn’t use that rocketlauncher in my inventory, I usually save that for large groups of Runners… Explosive weapons being borked right now.

@Coolpaul3000 I’m not entirely sure why he didn’t drop any Ticks. But I’m glad he didn’t!

I have the salvage perks. Made no difference for me.

If enemies don’t drop increased stacks of ammo and you have the Salvage perks, that sounds like a bug. Feel free to report that in the Bug Reports forum.

Thanks for the video. I honestly didn’t know that you can shoot off a tanks autocannon. Thanks alot