Talk about the Flakmopeds

The Bruksflak

This Indie Bruksflak is basically a mobile Plundra/Crafting Station/Recycling Station.

  • What happens when the Bruksflak has 0 HP? Can you still use plundra and stations? Or does the 0 HP only restrict you to drive it?

  • What happens when the Bruksflak has no fuel? Can you still use the Plundra and Stations? Or does it need fuel to operate the Plundra and Stations?


  • Fastest Flakmoped (60 km/h.) with fastest acceleration.
  • Easy fuel and repair sets crafting ability
  • Plundra and Stations keep operational at 0 HP and 0 fuel.


  • Higest fuel consumption.
  • Not the best Flak for transporting troops (coop).
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After testing: The Plundra and Stations keep operational even if Fuel is empty, or HP is 0.

So what flakmoped do you like best, or like using most?

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Bruksflak for me when I’m on a farming spree (hey that rhymes! :slight_smile: )

It just means I can happily forego fast travel without having to trudge between safe houses to unload my pockets.

Otherwise I go with the dirt bike for when I want to admire the view and all the way back to the push bike when I am playing with my mates as they don’t have the DLC

I have tried transporting my buddies on the Bruksflak, but it’s been a pretty painful exercise. Getting two near-pensioners to jump on the front without knocking the other off is quite challenging and then the extra weight causes it to slow to a crawl at the sight of an incline.

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I don’t play coop, so I would not know this.
Are other Flakmopeds better in transporting, less falling off?

This game is probably one of the most flawed co-op games I have every played. It also happens to be the best one I have ever played, I suspect largely due to said flaws. Watching your mate take a harvester’s barrage to the face or them getting chased by a platoon of hunters whilst on a push bike never seems to get old.

Not sure, probably should test again for science next time we are all on.

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Yes. The armored one is best for transporting mates.
My mate and me used it some times.

You can ram doggos or drive around a machine while the passenger constantly shoots. That’s quite fun.


Does it work for two up front though? I find the Bruksflak is fine with one, but two seems to tip it over the edge for getting up hills. Getting two on might just be a skill issue…

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Didn’t test it, I just play with one mate in general.

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To be honest, I kind of suspect they are only really designed for one up front and you are supposed to have two of them if you play with 3-4 people. I just play with a bunch of cheapskates :slight_smile: (they are lovely and generous people really)

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if you run out of fuel, just use the crafting station on the flak-moped and make some :weary: a lesson that even people in the real world refuse to learn, :angry:, people get stranded on highways all the time, run out of gas, & car dealerships refuse to add crafting stations on there new vehicles, it’s 2024 & should be law as a requirement on vehicles

if you can put a crafting station on a flak-moped & makes gasoline :face_with_monocle: then what is car manufacturers excuse 4 not making it a required part on the newest vehicles in 2024, they don’t have a good excuse

Well… To be able to craft fuel on your vehicle the needed machines probably are too heavy and the fuel consumption due to its weight could be too high for existing laws :crazy_face:

Personally I see no point in the vehicle DLC for me at least. Especially recently, as in the last two days. I basically can not use a vehicle. It crashes the game. No rhyme nor reason either. Not like it crashes when I try to go full speed. It crashes when I get a vehicle to spawn in Crashes if I try to drive it or it might not.

Game crashes trying to load in. Crashes trying to fast travel. Crashes when my character is standing there doing nothing because I set the controller down to talk on the phone. Crashes in the menu, crashes while trying to put stuff in plundra box.

Ouch, that is no fun. My buddies and I haven’t had anywhere near that kind of misfortune. What platform are you playing on? I’m on PS5 and clearing the cache via safe boot help alleviate my sessions hanging on fast travel. Maybe worth a shot if you are on PS5?

That’s the question.
What system are you playing on?
I’d guess Xbox … Series or One, X or S?

XBOX one I guess.

Just got on crashed within a few minutes.

If the game wont play on my console why is it available to play on my console?

I wouldn’t bother at all but my son plays the game when it works and I like to play with him.

Apparently he cleared the cache last night and it crashed a couple times last night.

Because it was released 5 years ago, when there weren’t any newer consoles.

Time changes everything. The consoles got updates, the game got many updates and sometimes it may happen that they bring in new issues with new the features.

But as far as I know the team is working on improving the core of GZ to make it run better in future.

In that case it sure would have been nice to have been notified that the game was/is so horrid on this console. Thankfully it was purchased at a discount.

These are the mopeds that i like most.
The Resistance Moped with the heavy armor. It is not the fastest but it has good abilitys offroad. And when you are at full speed on a street then a single runner is no problem, you can ramming it away without any problems.

These is the best one. The Moto Cross Motorbike from the DLC
It is very fast on the street and has a good acceleration. It climbs every hill and is very handy.

With this Motorbike i raidet Kålleby at the Mission “A Girl Cried Wolf”. I dashed down the street from north. Passed the Hunters that stood in front of the Village and besieging the road. Before they noticed me i was on the way to the house that belonged to the parents of Veronica. I made a huge jump from the street with the Motorbike and landet in the garden aof that house. I overthrown then and then i entered the house before the bots could fetch me. It was very spectacular and a lot of fun.