Talking characters

I play a lot of The Long Dark. Here the character talks occasionally. For example when the backpack gets to heavy, the character complains the heaviness of the “pack”. Or if the character has pain he/she constantly makes aching sounds exprains his/her pain. This integration is a clever way of feedback in the game making the player more immersed.

I think something like that would do very well in GZ also. The icons, bars and texts are all in the corners of the screen making it in a combat situation not always realizing what’s going on. Also I usually recognized that the char is overencumbered if I want to run of fast travel.

I think a male and female voice for the start would suffice and adding more later on maybe in different languages as well (although I would set my char to speak Svenska of course :joy:). Expressing joy when defeating an enemy pack, weight-based expressions, phrases when being hurt could be a welcome addition to the game.

I wouldn’t need phrases like “there is an enemy nearby” or else since this would interfere too much with the game mechanic (maybe for adventure this would make sense).

What do you think? Do you want a more talkative char or do you prefer a silent one?


I love this Idea, I think the Devs should really consider this it would add so much more to battles and walking around than just our character being silent the whole time even when being shot. I would also like little phrases When you encounter a new place for example “huh well this place is wrecked”


I prefer it as they way it currently is, since when giving player chars lines to speak, it gives them a personality based on what and how something was said. And that defined personality, which one has to listen, causes conflicts between player and the game. E.g some people love to hear their char saying cheesy punchlines while other players hate it.


I think that hearing nothing is better than hearing the same thing over, and over again.


I think the NPC´s should say something instead of staying there like living paintings. (or do they talk now?)
The “Character” should remain silent, otherwise half of the game would be exhaustion sounds from running and pain sounds from getting shot or killed.

i would love it if there was a occasional monologue , “holy crap, that tick ate someone’s brains” - at start

but dont do half life or duke3d
that would kill it