Tank Corpses Go Flying

PC - Steam
Machine corpses tend to go flying at ludicrous speeds if any machine that is alive runs through them. Most notably, harvesters. I have noticed the machine’s ragdoll physics are a little lighter this update because rockets and gunfire move the destroyed machines quite easily. I have lost many opportunities to loot rivals due to this bug.
Steps To Reproduce:
Kill a harvester (or any machine) with it’s reinforcements still present and around its corpse, try to get the machines to run through the corpse. More often than not, it will end up in space.
Images / Videos:
None - it flies away too quick.
Host or Client:
Hosted locally - multiplayer open, but no guest players were present.
Players in your game:
No additional players.
Drivers Up To Date - Intel i5 7700 - Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB

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Second this. Lost a rival and another tank before able to loot last night after update.

Yeah, I’ve seen this as well. One solution would be to increase the weight of ragdolled machine corpses; though that might put obstacles in the way of other Machines.