Tank face is clear

The face of this FNIX tank is clear. it shows what appears to be the components behind the face plate.

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Nice shots …

That tanks face is so wrecked i thought it was the reaper for a second.

If you mean face artistically, then okay. I just don’t see it. Otherwise the thing that reacts and seems like a head is the one by the guns below. It turns ways in reaction, so I assumed that was it’s head or face

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when i say face of then tank. I mean the large plate of armor. As i assume the red light to the top right is a eye.

That is spotlight.

Behind the front armor plate are two engines and just below the engines are two batteries.

Tank’s “face” is the sensor array just above the weapon platform but below the batteries.

ah okay. I just assumed that was an eye. I did not think it would need a spotlight as it has x-ray, and thermal

Spotlight isn’t there for the tank. It’s there to help players spot the tank more easily, especially at night. Same goes for the runner and hunter headlights (visible at night). Not there for the machines themselves but for the player.

that is really cool. It would also be cool if there was a setting to make nightime almost pitchblack. So we have to use the flashlight. And we can only see houses, and other various lights, plus machines.

There is. Reduce your monitor/TV brightness. :wink:

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well that is a solution. But that would also reduce the brightness of the flashlight plus robots.

Also i feel if this were to become a thing the possibility to be wondering around and then getting almost blinded by a “sleeping” robot would be cool.

Well, there are plenty of different ideas that can make the game better or worse. Though, bug report topic isn’t the place where to discuss new game features.

ah sorry about that. Hopefully though they focus bug fixes, and fixing the console patch.