Tank / Harvester Kills Tracking Glitched / Confused?


EDIT UPDATE: Had a detailed look at my challenges / stats, and then had an epic Church battle where I wiped the floor with 3 more Tanks (NOT HARVESTERS! This will make sense soon!).

Before that fight, my “Stats”’ page was showing as 2 Tanks killed, 0 Harvesters killed.

This was straight up wrong.

I know by this point I’ve killed at least 10 or more Tanks, and definitely 1 or 2 Harvesters.

On the suggestion of @AliasDJA, I looked up my Challenges page and saw that my Tank kills were 4 and my Harvester kills were at 8.


Then, after my 3 Tank kill battle just now, my Stats page Tank Kills had gone up by only 1 and my Harvester kills had gone up by 2.

Under my Challenges, my Harvester kills had gone up by 2 and my Tank kills up by 1.

Just what the heck is going on here?

The game seems to be counting my Tank kills as Hsrvester kills?

I know the tracking in this game can be tricky but this is ridiculous…

Has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks in advance.

Ok so I am slowly working my way towards the trophies for killing 15 Tanks and 15 Harvesters.

I know I’ve killed at LEAST 8-10 tanks, if not more, and at least 1 or 2 Harvesters.

But my in game counters on my Stats page list that I’ve only killed 2 Tanks and somehow 6 Harvesters?

Will this be like the “Complete 25 Side Missions” trophy where I had to complete 30 Side missions until my in game Stat Tracker showed as 25 completed?

Has this happened to anyone else?

Thanks in advance.


The challenge menu is a blank when you start it.

You gotta start it fresh - despite me killing over 3500 ticks - apparently I needed to kill another 1000

Again…tracking issues



Sorry still kinda just waking up…what do you mean blank?


The challenge menu is at 0 / blank / empty when you start it.

It doesn’t track any previous progress or kills up to downloading the DLC

So whatever it says on the challenge board tracker, is what you want to focus on not game stats



Where can I see this challenge board tracker?


Menu then Challenges tab providing you have Alpine Unrest DLC



I do not have AU yet.


Ok so in my challenge stats, it says I’ve killed 4 tanks (4 out of 5 for the first rank of the “The Bigger They Are” Challenge) and 8 Harvesters (5 out of 5 for the first rank of “Fuel For The Fire” Challenge and 3 out of 5 for the next rank).



Updated and renamed original post.


Dont know if it is related, but I’m just gonna mention an experience of mine here.
I had done the Challenge “Off the grid” to the last part where you are supposed to kill 15 Apocalypse harvester. This challenge said 0/15, and I thought I’d team up with my friend to do it later.

I then proceeded to do the “Eagle eye” challenge, where the last tier is to take down an apocalypse machine (any machine except a tick) from 400 yards. It so happened I took down a Apo Harvester.

And boom. For some reason I both got the “Eagle eye” Challenge AND the “Off the grid” Challenge.

I have no idea how my Apo harvester count was suddenly 15+, from beeing 0/15 before.

My only guess is that it might have rechecked my total kills of apo harvester and that might actually be above 15 in total, but not after completing the tier before.

Story out.


@mrjimp Did you get the “kill 15 Harvesters” Trophy (sorry if that’s what you meant by achievement).


It’s unrelated to the issue because:

Known Issues

We’re highlighting a few issues below that we know are pain points so that you know we are investigating them. There are definitely more than are listed here that we’re looking into.

  • In the “Scout” Challenge tree, Tier 4 of “Off the Grid” will sometimes count the number of Harvesters incorrectly, completing the Challenge early

June '20 patch notes: https://generationzero.com/en/blog/fnix-rising-patch-notes

I haven’t killed any apo harvs as of yet (despite i’m at Tier 4 in the “Off the Grid” challenge) but i’ve killed plenty of machines for other challenges and each of the kill has counted correctly, except in the “Music Soothes the Soul” challenge, which i already reported as a bug.



In your experiences here have you seen anyone else complain about the issue I’m having?


I’ve seen complaints about Steam/PS4/Xbox achievements not counting correctly. Also, in-game stats, that you can look at, are known to be wonky (distance traveled, longest kill shot, days in combat etc).

Though, do note that for the challenge/trophy to count for you, you need to be the one who fired the kill shot. Assisting in damaging the machine (MP sessions) doesn’t count towards your challenges/trophy.

Latter is easy to test. Before engaging the harv, make note of the Challenge itself, at how many harvs have you killed, e.g 2/5. Destroy the harv and check the Challenge stats again. If Challenge stats have increased, all is good. If not, there is issue with the Challenge.
Also, make note of the Challenge restrictions. If Challenge says that you have to kill Military harv or better, killing proto harv won’t increase the Challenge counter.


Yes I’ve taken that into account (classes). I’m still
On the challenge rank for both Tanks and Harvesters where any class counts.

And I haven’t played MP since a couple experimental sessions in my first few days of playing since I don’t want other people messing up my collectibles. Pure solo for weeks. Ironically, the last MP session I played was the first time I saw either a Hunter or a Tank get taken out.

Thanks much!



If you by “trophy” mean the steam achievement “kill 15 harvesters” I already had that since may last year.

If not, I don’t know what you mean.



Yes that is what I Meant, thank you.