Tank Noises while no Tank is around

Whenever I kill a lot of enemies, it sometimes happens that I can hear the thumping and howling noises a tank makes, although no (living) enemy is around at the time. It happened to me twice and to my friend once. Only one of the two players can hear this.

Either dead Seekers or destroyed Relais Antennas make this sound, and it is extremely creepy, cause you await the appearance of a tank, but no tank will come.

I can’t post an image as there is only sound to be heard, and I don’t have an audio recording tool.

I play the game via internet connection with my friend hosting the game. We are two players in total, and we play on PC.

It happened to me first, near a church.
Here are a few, but pretty much recognizable data about the church.

  • Normal Church with the side expansions
  • Bike Station near shed on the altar side of the church
  • In front (Towerside) of the church is a small, raised plattform with a steep decline behind a stone wall (a few cubic stones forming a bow)
  • To the right side of church is a bigger city with a gas station

These details (with the help of a map) let me to Alby Church, which fits the description.
The town should be Hagat then.

In front of the church was a Relais Antenna as well as some Seekers, Hunters and Runners.
After my friend and I were done with them, I started hearing the sounds of a Tank howling and trampling, but no Tank would show up.
The nearer I moved to the destroyed Relais Antenna (I think there was a destroyed Seeker nearby as well), the sounds got much much louder. I was the only one who was able to hear this, as my friend was quite confused and couldn’t hear those sounds.

The next time it happened it was in the middle of an open field, everything near was a single, destroyed Seeker, and this time the Seeker was clearly emitting the sounds. Again my friend couldn’t hear what was going on.

The next time it switched though. We had (again) destroyed a bunch of enemies, this time containing no Relais Antenna, but a few Seekers. The only person to hear it this time was my friend, and it chilled him to the bones.

I don’t know exactly, if Seekers are the reason for this bug, but it is purely annoying and it can’t be disabled. The sound intervals seem to be the ones of a normal Tank.

Please take a look at this.

Your’s cincerely,

Jonas Bauch

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