Tank vs Baseball bat

For the anarchy challenge tier 3 you have to melee kill 5 tanks. I suppose I am not allowed to shoot off most of the armor plates? So what is the best tactic here? Hit, run, patch yourself up, repeat? :rofl: Anybody did this yet?

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I find that the most stupid challenge, like you could destroy a tank with a melee weapon… Even with a sledge hammer that would be impossible to do.

Well you could shot the tank down to 1% hp and then hit it with the melee weapon a few times… still that challenge makes no sense but ok :wink:


Ive beaten up a number of tanks, with nothing but the bat (3 crown). So its NOT impossible! :slight_smile:

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No, not impossible but it will take some time I guess…:boom:

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Just disarm the tank (including tickpod) with few good .50cal shots and go at it.
It’s already low on health after those.

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I utilize flares as distraction (make sure to throw them far enough so don’t let out gas or stomp), smokes to cover my approach, and an EMP to disable it. Then it’s super easy to just go at em with the bat. Finished the challenge real quick since there are a few spots where tanks always seem to spawn.

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He’s not saying it IS impossible, but that it SHOULD be impossible. I tend to agree.

Trying to take a tank down with a baseball bat should result in you being nothing but a smear on the landscape. Same with flailing a sledgehammer above your head. No way it should be able to damage a tank. But, I get that it’s only a game.

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That’s what i did for the 1st time. Since it wasn’t worth it (first aid kit wise), i need to improve my tactics. :thinking:

Video too:

Not that low…

Whole idea to add melee weapons was extremely bad, and even worse is to cook up challenge to go with them.
Dunno if this is extremely bad joke from devs, or their humour to see who is stupid enough to do these challenges. Regardless of “fun” factor of different type of players.

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A ton of people wanted this added to the game. Feel free to search for ‘melee’ if you don’t believe me.
And it’s such a small and optional addition that I fail to see why that would inconvenience anyone.

This is literally the devs listening to the community, and yet you find some excuse to complain about it?

Personally I’m not that interested in the melee weapons either, so I’ll stick to the arsenal I already have.


I agree Xezr but also i want to ask did you guys do the survey? Because if you did you could have chosen something other than melee weapons. Also may i point out It’s a choice! You don’t need to have them and they are a sidearm so they aren’t going to be the strongest.

Cool. :sunglasses: Was this kill registered as as a kill in the challenge? I was not sure it would. I thought you’d have to kill it with nothing but a melee weapon, but if not, then why not bring its health down more?

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I know it has been requested a lot. And there is also my replies in discussion that i am against them. Also answered survey.
Even the game is fiction, it has kept some amount realism and plausibility.
But now whacking steel / iron machines whit wood sticks and sledge hammers.

One of my biggest concerns is the diluted loot tables, more and more items are put in there. Every other items drop rate suffers. Now i get these items in loot, what i dont want. Instead i could have got something i wanted or/and needed.

Next DLC we probably see those machine companions because they are highly requested also.

And from business point of view, this is good business decision. Income to developers keep working.

I feel it’s a rather good joke, if it was a joke. It made me laugh. And whatever challenges the dev throw at me, I will have a go at it and enjoy it as well, stupid or not.:wink:


I’m all in with funny challenges and I hope to see stuff like this in the future updates… Except all bicycle related challenges! Those things are deathtraps with their wonky physics. :smiley:

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There’s a term I like to use for this kind of games. “Visual Realism”. It means that the game is designed around looking as plausible as possible, without doing away with fun and engaging gameplay in favour for true-to-life realism.

Sometimes it’s tricky to find balance in that but I think GZ pulls it off pretty well and has managed to do so since launch. There’s always room for improvement, though.

If you would’ve watched the video to the end, you’d know :wink: since i opened the Challenge page before engaging the tank and after i killed it to see if it did register.

But I did watch it to the end. I probably missed it.

It’s at 3:43. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, I saw. Maybe I looked away for a second because if I has seen it I would not have asked the question ofcourse. :innocent: