Tanks and Harvesters don't move around the map after Nov. 2020 patch

Platform: PC

Description: Tanks and Harvesters are completely stationary after the November 2020 patch. Their position doesn’t change during a game or after quitting and loading it back up.
For example check the video I posted 2 weeks ago:

Those 2 Tanks are still there today, more or less in the same spot.

Hunters walk around normally.

Steps To Reproduce: It’s easiest to notice it by checking on Rivals using the map.

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 1

Specifications: i7 10700K, 32G RAM, RTX 2070 Super

I have been getting the same problems on the ps4 pro as well, but just the tanks.

Well, seeing that more people on different platforms will start talking about this, I must talk because it should be a save bug related problem or an A.I problem.
In “My game” Rivals move a lot, so much that i found Mountain rivals in the Forest region.
Most Tanks and Harvesters move normally.
BUT… i did find a Tank at the Airbase that was not moving, after I lured it to an explosive trap he stayed there without moving again, i went to grab more explosives, after 5 minutes of sneaking I looked back and he disappeared in thin air.
Might be related or not, but this never happened to me before.

Thanks for reporting this! It’s sent to the team but we need some more info!

  • Are these machines you have killed?
  • What happens if you shoot them?
  • Can they be looted?

If you didnt kill the machines,

  • Do they notice your presence if you walk up to them?
  • Do they attack in any way?
  • Can you kill them?
  • Can you shoot off parts/weapons from them?

Thanks a lot!


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Hmm… maybe to clarify this, I guess, in my gameworld nearly all Rivals from all regions except Himfjäll got moved into the Farmlands after the update and there mostly stick together in groups of two or three.
There are only a few Rivals that stayed in their region - again except Himfjäll where all Rivals stayed on the island - and a handfull of Rivals got a new “home” and stay there, like a Wood region Hunter who “settled” in the Mountain region.
Some Rivals seem to move at least but it’s more like from A to B and back again and some have a rather short movement area.

New Rivals seem to spawn normal in the belonging region and seem to more or less stay there like before the update.

Hello Gipskatt
I have notice what OP is posting about on PS4 solo play. The movement of tanks and harvesters when attacking from far distances is very sluggish. They seem mystified as to what is happening. Tanks agro should have them charging at you, very terrifying the tank charge good job by the way. Maybe it is the farmlands only but I will take notes on the details over the next few weeks and report back on solo and mult player mode. Can we expect different levels of aggression from different classes ? If so I will watch for that too

I can answer all of these

  1. Are these machines you killed?
    They are in their passive state (they did not detect you). Otherwise not killed.
  2. What happens when you shoot them?
    They fight as intended. Ex. You shoot, they get agitated and fight normally.
  3. Can they be looted?
    4.Do they notice your presence if you walk up to them?
  4. Do they attack in any way?
    Yes, I described this in a previous question.
  5. Can you kill them?
    Yes, like I said, they work normally, they just don’t move.
  6. Can you shoot off parts/weapons from them?
    Conclusion, they work normally aside from not moving in their passive state when they do not detect you.
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They behave totally normal - so they can notice the player, engage in combat, move normally while in combat. When they are dead we can loot them.

The problem is that they stay in place or walk around a very smal area. Even when tried to lure them away in any way they end up back in their tiny personal space when left alone :wink:

From my observations before and after November '20 update;

Before: All random spawn machines (including all rivals), had predefined patrol routes, which they followed. Many of these patrol routes were very long, often covering the whole region and sometimes even continuing into another region.

After: Besides the change to the topography, which also removed some assets from the game (unintended), it also removed or changed machine patrol routes. Now, machines, especially in the Farmlands, don’t have a patrol route which to follow and they are stuck in one place.

Also, game seems to favor Farmlands more than other regions, when populating the map with machines.

^^ This ! At first I thought the population of my marshlands was related to the region level as I tried to level up and above level 21. But that get’s boring over time, especially when one doesn’t find nearly any machines to wreck…
So I thought it might be a good idea to tidy up my map and get rid of several totally “misplaced” Rivals to make room for new Rivals to spawn back in their own region again…


It seems it didn’t work that well, most region levels have dropped to around 1-2 with about 3 to 5 Rivals left but the other machines didn’t reappear in those regions, at least not in quantities like before the update.
E.g. Klinte in the mountain region, there were nearly always the occasional Runner or Hunter patrols for a nice little shootout in the harbour, or a Tank/Harvester nearby, but not nowadays…

I´l try to keep this short and simple
I think this has nothing to do with the Rivals.
I discovered that machine “spawns” have changed since other updates.
Before the update there were more machines in certain areas like Kalleby, Ostervik, Norrmyra artillery Base and a lot more of Harvesters in Bockyhttan.

Not to mention Anl 118 and Garphammar, which are now ghost towns… :disappointed:

Totally right.
I used to love those spots.
Anl118 was a small Harvester depot with at least 2 Tanks nearbY and 2 others at the Military Base.
Garphammar was a “machine fortified town” infested with Runners and Hunters and also some Tanks and Harvesters.


Can confirm this. Specially if you fast travel. You hear machine sound, but they just stand there.
Mostly affects Harvesters / Tanks.