Tanks are struggling in a fight with lots of machines

With the Landfall update a flaw in Tank AI (or all other machines too) was made clearly visible.
When faced with new Russian machines in large quantities Tanks tend to stop, make looped confusion sounds and shake their head from side to side… all that when taking fire from multiple enemies.

I think that AI need some sort of threat assessment that would prioritize what to attack first, and if that target is in any way unreachable by the weapons in hand then switch to another target (if any is near).

That would also make coop engagements more unpredictable.


I had the same with a Reaper and already reported it somewhere here.

In the situation I reported even the apocalypse hunters and fnix runners stopped fighting after destroying all lynx. They were easy targets for me and my friends.

Although the reaper doesn’t take much damage because of its shield generators it’s not nice to see these ai-problems.

I was trying to reason out how the Sweden machine handle being attacked by other machines, kind of like when they are hacked via the hack skill. They have not been programmed to attack each other or other machines, just humans, so it stands to reason they could get confused. Soviet machines are programmed to attack both, humans and machines.

Some of the Sweden machines do make the choice to attack the Soviet machines but not the same way they attack us humans.

I’m guessing the Devs are very busy with glitch/bug fixing and ironing out machines’ behavior. They maybe missing a few lunches and breaks too kind of busy.

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I hope they are not skipping lunches and breaks. :sweat_smile: Managerial oversights should not cause such crunch. :disappointed_relieved:


Not originally.
Read all the news that come with the dolls.
They were meant to attack just the swedish machines.


It’s getting annoying…
Yesterday I watched 2 wolves (+their lynx) destroying 3 military tanks in a row… Almost without any action of the tanks (just some few mortar-shells against the lynx).

If that isn’t the way it should work originally it should be fixed soon.


You shouldn’t have watched, but joined the tanks in their fight. :wink:

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Of course I did.
But I just used my third character which is at lvl 9 now and uses no experimental weapons (I have more than enough, but wanted to have one character who uses other weapons :wink:).

So it took a while until these wolves (and the more dangerous lynx) have been destroyed… And when I finished them, the next three ones came along :roll_eyes:… Sorry for the tanks, but there was no chance to keep them alive :rofl:

Why did you say it’s getting annoying then?
You joined in the fight and you can loot the killed machines.

I have been going after anything that is shooting and whatever I come across first. The active Lynx are hard to make out from all the smoke, blasts and balls rolling around, but are still fun to fight. They seem to shoot and move, are quick to use fire if you are to close to them. Have to change tactics when dealing with them.
Some of their tactics I hope don’t change but could be made a little tougher.

The tactics of the Sweden machines have been watered down so much that it seems they just don’t fight much no matter what they come up against, machine or humans. It has been refreshing to come across the Soviet machines that are willing to attack.


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I reason just like you here, it’s like Soviet machines are using hacking skill to confuse the Swedish robots. Also that Soviet machines are hyper-sensitive detecting player above ground level could be sonic or radar based detection system working far better and wider (dome) instead of just vision system (arrow).

I have even looked above batlefields to try and spot a Soviet version of a Seeker that is surveying the battlefield (and detecting players) from above. Because why should their Seekers be like the usual ones we know making pings and screaming instead of a hawk silently circling feeding information?

It’s a healthy way to not get bummed out on bugs and move on playing the game anyway using reason. It also raise a valid question to why we (players) would assume Soviet robots would be clones and not enhanced in ways better to deal with the threat efficiently?

(Edit: Disclaimer, putting in new information that explains a bug as a feature may be a bad move, or it would make us players live with it if it can’t be fixed. As long as it’s presented clearly and actually bring anything good into the game like a Soviet Seeker thingy with unique good loot it could work out ok.)

From my experience the Soviet machines are just more deadly.
The Swedish machines struggle a bit because their AI can´t deal well with multiple enemies(just like against 4 players).
The Wolfs shoot more missiles per salvo and more deadly missiles than tanks and harversters.
And the Lynxs grenade launcher and machine gun are quite deadly.

These are the reasons they usually lose most of the fights.


The Swedish standoff:

The Lynx circular saw blade melee startled me so much! They move so much it’s hard to hit them with a melee weapon

Melee weapons are kind of an aberration, most enemies are in the open and have projectile based weaponry that means its easier to kill you.
Closed spaces with ticks and runners, now that is the ideal location to use them.
Melee weapons also did not exist in the first 2 years of the game.
What we would need is something like “litle dungeons” where we have lots of enemies like ticks runners and maybe a new enemy type , like an infiltrator unit we asked since 2020 capable to follow and be inside buildings.