Tanks have more than two Mounted Weapons

Platform: PC

Description: Military Tanks have more than two weapons equipped.

Steps To Reproduce: Shoot off the mounted weapons on the Military Tank, and it gets the weapons the Apocalypse Tank carries, the incendiary cannon and the cluster mortar. Unsure if it can use them.

Images / Videos:

Cluster Mortar on the right.

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Wasn’t there a mentioning about rivals being able to re-grow components? Of course this would be kind of a transfer between types. Imagine you could transform a military tank completely into an Apo tank by taking off any weapon, component, and armor it sports. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The “additional” weapons are there, but they’re inactive.

Nice spotting. Wonder why it’s just the mortar and not the machinegun as well :thinking:

Probably because it had rocket pod instead of machine guns :wink:

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Sometimes they have 2 Mortars instead of one.

Because the model used for autocannon is same on all tanks. Only diff between military tank’s autocannon and apo tank’s autocannon is that latter has incendiary rounds loaded which does lasting damage but has less damage per bullet. That’s why there’s no double autocannon on the military tank.

The Apocalypse Tank’s machinegun is a different model than the standard ones.

Looked same to me but i haven’t looked apo tank’s autocannon that up close.

I know this has probably been said before, but on the dev stream they said they did not know what we were talking about. So here you go.Screenshot%20(899)


Made a Bug Report about this back in December '19. Time to bump it up.

Merging topics.


Description: This is a very minor bug I know but I figured I should write a bug report on it anyways. Similar to what you’re all saying. Whenever I shoot off a tanks mortar, a nonfunctional copy is left behind. It just gets a little confusing sometimes because I end up wasting ammo by shooting at a broken image. This has only ever happened to me with the tank’s mortar weapon.

Steps To Reproduce: Shoot off a tanks mortar.

Images / Videos:

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Xbox model and game version: Xbox one. Version: November 5 update, but has happened before it.

Same issue topics merged.


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