Tanks stuttering with Moiler

So, facing tanks solo is a great challenge, and when out of ammo you decide to pull out your handgun. You start firing at the tank, and it steps backwards. I honestly think that this is a little laughable when you try to defeat a tank with a Moiler and all of the sudden the tank stutters and tramples backwards. I feel like this is a little cheesy because like, a ginormous robot that towers above all and he trips backwards because of a little handgun. Pshaw.

im not sure , but i often seen them do a “stumble move” as a visual clue that they are at about %50 health , this could of been what happened here , but i as i said im not sure on that. I will be sure to check out a gold moiler on them :smiley: :smiley: , also is it just me or does birdshot ammo on the 12ga seem to do alot more damage now ?