Tanks Weapons Destructible

I’m just wondering IF the Tanks weapons can be destroy while facing them regardless if the Tank is Prototype, Military or FNIX? I think the same goes for Harvesters, but I’m not certain.

I don’t know if the Blueprints factor in or not to the destruction of the weapons used. I do know that the weapons/components on Hunters and Runners can be destroy easily.

Just thought that I ask the community and get any clarification that is was possible.

As far as I know you can shoot off a Tanks machine gun and rocket pod (those hanging under its “chin”) from day one, so no blueprints needed for that. Correct me if I’m wrong, anyone.

Of course those weapons takes more bullets and/or impacts before they fall off, but eventually :blush:

A few guys have shared their tactics on easy Tank kills, @Zesiir and @tene among others. Take a look at their tips and tricks if you want! :smiley:

If a Tank has a tick pod, that can be shot off as well. It’s a big horizontal cylinder shaped box on its lower back.

For Harvesters it’s more difficult, in my experience. They have the ability to shot rockets at you, like the Tanks, but I’ve never figured out where its rocket pod is :joy: So I usually go for its weak points (shown in black if you got an IR module on your scope/binoculars) :blush:

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@jay.graw Is correct, both the under-slung weapons and the tick pod on a tank can be taken out. Against a military tank, the tick pod takes maybe 20-25 rounds of 7.62 from a 5-crown AI-76, the guns take roughly 75 rounds. Neither really shows any outwardly visible indication it’s taken damage though, and explosives don’t do a very good job of damaging either (even direct hits from the Gvg don’t do much).

As far as the harvesters, same applies to both their tick pods, and the missile pods they have (the missile pods stick out over the top of the back when you’re looking at them, they look like black or dark-gray pods with a bunch of holes a the top). Similar damage required here, though the two missile pods have linked health, so just pounding on one will take out both.

For the tanks, dropping both weapons actually deals a pretty significant amount of damage (also, the optical cluster just above the weapons is another good way to reliably deal a lot of damage), but for the harvesters, not so much.

Note, however, that there is no way to stop them from using gas or the concussive shockwave attacks they will use if you get too close, so make a point to still keep your distance.

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here’s the thread where we’ve all discussed strats and i shared my video if @Radiant_Flames would like to see; Tanks are too hard

Lots of keen info in that thread :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the Info. I already know that the Tick Pods can be shot off due to Hunter’s having them. I don’t have much trouble dealing with Harvesters, but Tanks gives me the most trouble since I prefer to play solo.

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The blueprints allow you to see which parts are destructible when using binoculars as well as see individual part health and the machines overall health. You don’t need the blueprint in order to break these parts off, nor does having the blueprint grant any extra damage. If you don’t have a blueprint and want to know weak/breakable parts, shoot a spot on an enemy. If it produces small yellow sparks you hit an strong, unbreakable point and are doing very little damage. If it produces large yellow sparks you are shooting an armor plate covering a critical part or a detachable part. If you see blue sparks you are hitting a weak point and damaging the machines health directly


Don’t the wrong impression, but I don’t use the binoculars or the skills related to the binoculars, since in my opinion it’s just a waste of space/skill point for my particular playstyle.