Tech Help Needed Please!


I know this isn’t GenZ related but I figure there must be some badass techies here.

Tech Help please! I’m attempting to retrieve data from an old MyBook Live external hard drive that was connected to a now dead old PC. The other external HDs all had standard USB cables. This one has a weird black Ethernet looking attachment on either end. The old PC had a port for this cable but none of the devices I am trying to plug it into have such a port. Is there any sort of attachment I could get that would transfer from this weird attachment on one end to USB on the other? I am trying to plug it into either an Android TV box or a PS4. Thanks in advance for any info!


If it’s something like this:

…then connect it to your router with a standard ethernet cable - you should see it as a network drive.


Thanks, but then how do I access the data? PC is dead pretty much use my phone and PS4 for everything now.


There are many apps that will allow you to browse your local network, for example:


Either use it as is (with network cable and NAS software) or disassemble it, so you can connect it as regular HDD (either with SATA data and power cables or putting it into standard enclosure to get USB pots to/from it).

Disassembly vid: