Tech skill hack machine and/or build a machine

How about a tech skill to hack a machine and make it my ally. And/or let me build one from scavenged parts/components. It would be nice to have an ally for solo players. Maybe allow modifications/upgrades like colors, equipable parts with attributes similar to how the clothes work on your character. Equip/attach different weapons/ammo, etc. Oh what about a hack skill to turn machines against each other. That would be awesome! Thank you for listening to my suggestion.


i think much later on, adding the ability make a robot ally would be nice. My suggestion would be to have start out just as vulnerable as the enemy versions with the ability to upgrade it. so you would have to keep repairing it. maybe have to pick up the ability in the skill line and have to find blueprints and schematic throughout the world and in missions to add various features.

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I think that the developers just need to build this idea onto the “Hacker” perk so you can give commands to an ally robot if you successfully hack them. You would be able to tell it where to “go” whether or not to “stay” or “follow you” and whether or not to “engage” with an enemy you point at exactly like Fallout 4’s system.

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I also think there are a few things wrong with the current hacker system. Firstly there is always a cool down time of 60 seconds regardless of whether you succeed or fail hacking a robot. I personally think that the cool down time should be reduced to 15 seconds for failing to hack a robot and 30 seconds for a successful hack. I would also like to see a 5% increase to the chance to hack a robot successfully for every time you fail to hack the same robot. For example; failing to hack a prototype tank once results in the hacking chance to increase from its base hack chance of 20% up to 25% and so on until you gain a successful hack.