Tech-view/Enemy Marking isn't good. Suggestions for improvement

The support tree. Lets not beat around the bush. It kinda sucks.
Here’s how to fix that.

1: Make it so that you can actually see things in tech-view.
I’m not saying ‘Make it exactly like IR view’, but… uh. Do that. It’s the best view-mode by far. NV is a pure slab of green covering your entire scope making it impossible to see anything and X-ray vision can’t see more than ten feet on front of you.
Have the background/terrain be washed out and greyscale/covered in a grid if you like, but make the enemies pop out in bright colours like Infa-red, and make them visible through terrain.
The marking vision mode isn’t useful if you have to keep swapping back to IR to actually find the targets that you want to mark.

You don’t need to be able to see them all the way through the other side of a house, but a tree or a bit of shrubbery shouldn’t be able to block my view of an enemy.
Which brings me onto point two.

2: Make them actually able to mark things.
Marking currently doesn’t really work. A bit of grass between you and the target and even if the target is correctly highlighted and centred in your scope, it still won’t let you press that mark-button.
You need to be standing in an open field with a 100% unobstructed view of the target. This is not useful.
If they’re that clearly visible, they wouldn’t NEED marking.

3: Make marking last longer.
15 seconds is a joke. It takes about three seconds to put your binoculars away and get your gun back out. If you want to mark multiple enemies they’ll be wearing off within seconds of you starting shooting.
30-seconds should be the first level, not the last one. What purpose does having it wear off at all even serve?
With two skill points in this, it should last a full minute at bare minimum.

4: The skill-tree that gives you tech-view/marking should be the same skill tree that improves your tech-view and gives you distance/difficulty numbers.
Come on, this is common sense people.
Combine the entire hacking tree into the support tree if you like. God knows that ‘throw accuracy’ and ‘Last man standing’ aren’t very useful.
(as an aside, grenades should be thrown where the crosshair is aimed, not ten feet above it. ‘Accuracy’ as a stat doesn’t actually help when your throw is complete jank. Maybe have this perk add a visible grenade arc showing where it’s going to go instead?)

Oh, and the capstone perk in this tree, Commander?
Double-use field radios isn’t really very useful. Not when it has to compete against some of the other capstone perks. Field Radios are so commonly found on radio-beacons that i’m having to chuck them in my storage box constantly because they’re weighing me down.

If it doubled the number of uses on ammo-boxes and paramedic kits too, it’d be more tempting. Or, again, just combine this skill-tree with the hacking skill-tree.


  1. Make the vision-mode better. We can’t see anything with Tech-view mode on.

  2. Make it actually be able to mark things instead of just not doing that, whenever there’s a bush or tiny bit of shrubbery in the way.

  3. Make it last long enough to actually be useful in a fight. Potentially have the capstone perk make marks permanent/until end of combat?

You have to remember that every single perk in this tree is having to compete directly against things like “More health.” “Run faster” “Improved carry-weight” “Can open locked doors” “Can hack enemy robots.” “Gain 100% more ammo when looting” “Just outright do more damage” for our skillpoints.

You understand? Some of these skills are really useful, and some of them give you a terrible vision mode that lets you (maybe) tag the enemies that you can’t see to put a red outline around them for 15 seconds.

I could buy both marking skills and provide no actual real benefit to myself because it doesn’t work properly and when it does work properly it still gives only an extremely situational benefit, or I could reload any gun in the game 30% faster forever.
Both of those perks cost the same two skill-points to max out.

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When a player uses the marking skill in co-op the machine takes more damage from ALL the players not just the one using it. Also, the marking skills blocks the other players from hitting the machine when their view is blocked but can’t see it is blocked.

You set up different characters with different skills for different times of what you are doing in the game. Having collecting more loot on a character that also picks locks and other, seemingly less useful, skills on the same character is pointless. That is why you have the option to make different characters.

I don’t see a problem with tech view? Seems to work correctly on identifying weak points of a machine that are highlighted in different colors.
Machine in combat mode:

Machine not in combat mode:

Is there not enough contrast? There are even tags to tell you what they are.

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That’s not the marking skill, the bonus damage skill is the one after it. getting two points in both skills means spending four skill points for a group wide +10% damage buff for maybe 30 seconds.
Except your actual dps will be lowered because one player is constantly having to stop shooting because he needs to have his binoculars out to keep re-upping the marks as they wear off.

In a large enough group it you might get more damage out than you’re losing by having your commander waste valuable shooting time doing this, but four/five skill points is a lot of points to put in when all you’re getting out is ‘might not be a net negative if we bring enough people.’

Having the marks last the whole fight would be ideal, but even a 1 minute duration would be fine. You’d only have to re-up them in bossfights and could focus on the actual fight.

As for tech view, i’m not concerned about what it shows you after you’ve highlighted the enemy. Locating the enemies to highlight them in the first place is problem, especially at night.
The tech-view vision mode turns your entire view dark grey, making it almost impossible to pick out enemy robots unless you happen to sweep your crosshair over them in the dark by random chance, at which point they light up and become visible.
Which leads to using the thermal mode to locate them then switching to tech-view to mark, which takes longer, which exacerbates the issue of marks wearing off so quickly.

Edit: I was going to boot the game and bring screenshots of my own, one with Tech-vision and one with Thermal vision for comparison, but I just remembered I respeced out of Support into Engineering after realizing that it was a complete waste of skillpoints, so I don’t even have access to that vision-mode anymore.

Just picture an impenetrable grey mist for the first image, and then an infa-red view of an abandoned fishing village with several robots glowing orange and clearly visible in the second image.
That’s pretty much been my experience with Tech-Mode since i got it.