Tech View Scopes

So I’m not fully completed through the game, I still have a few warboards to do etc so I don’t know if it is in the game, but if not how cool would it be to have a scope attachment similar to IR or Object penetration attachments that you as a player could craft where you could have the tech view overlay when scoping? I think it would be really handy for taking out those major components and could in general be a really cool addition. Thoughts?


I like the idea. One would say the scope is intelligent and connected to the same blueprint data base as the binoculars are.


I was wondering: how everyone feel about the ability to also have Tech View in Scopes, and not just Binoculars?

Reason: A Scope basically is a single-eye binocular with an aim-cross.
It would be reasonable to have the skill work on Scopes as well.
PROVIDING you have, of course, the skills and necessary blueprints.


Thank you.

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I like that.
The ability to use hacking while using scope would also be very nice. It would improve the hacking skill a bit.

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Same feature request topics merged.


Well, scopes and binoculars are in essence the same thing.
But tech view is some other thing completely, its not a magnified image, its a enhanced image of some sort.
Something that would be shown on a display system, powered by some sort of computer, rather than something one could produce with optics only.

I would be able to accept a tech view scope if it were a special scope somehow, say 5crown or a experimental 6chrown version, but i fail to see how it would be a optional upgrade to “any” scope.

Im having hard enough time accepting the vision modules, that snap on any scope.
But with the vision modules, one could argue that the module installs as a “filter” on ether side of the scope optics tube, but it feels far-fetched and hard to swallow lore-wize…
Any nightvision-capable scope is a specialized scope designed that way from scratch, not a standard scope with some aftermarket extra bits and pieces on it.

But i do agree, the tech-view and hacking perks need some sort of buff, implementing it on scopes would provide that needed buff.

Get an IR-Module and aim mostly for the dark parts of the machine… :wink:

But honestly I’d like to have some kind of tech view inside my scope, too. Plus view distance displayed…

My 2 ct.