Tech Vision Module

I do not know if this has been suggested yet. I haven’t seen any topics related to this and kind tired this morning so I have not done any extensive searching.

I really enjoy the tech view on binocs, however it does become frustrating to keep track while fighting a tank or reaper. Sure the old saying “Shoot em till they die” is very much the case but I would think a tech vision module would be really cool for sniper users. I would say it does benefit from the 2nd tier of the skill (Distance). This way for those wanting to go long distance shooting for the challenge it makes it just slightly easier. However the main reason for why this would be helpful is being able to know the health of the enemy and the components while fighting. Making it easier to pick apart enemies targeting specifically these parts. I know more experienced players know exactly what to focus on but this would be for more for newer players. Also to note the when using tech vision on binocs it does basically shut out the rest of the world. Meaning that fighting multiple enemies would be harder while using this as the other enemies would be kind of blurred out. Because of this tunnel vision it would be best applied when shooting a single target like a tank, reaper, or harvester (After killing the guardian hunters)

Most people do unlock the left tech tree to get the components damage so maybe just have the perk effect long scopes and binocs if that makes it easier?

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I’ve about that, too.
But I would suggest to add this as special ability for the sniper-specialist (when using a scope, not just red dot or iron sight) . This goes along with some other thoughts for changes to the specialists (highest level of one skill-tree) to get more benefits out of a specialisation.