Tedious and annoying SP experience

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Checklist to make paying customers never return to any of your titles:

  • Make the player hoard building materials that never become useful? :white_check_mark:
  • Make the standard opponents extremely stupid, regardless of the difficulty? :white_check_mark:
  • Then spawn about a billion of these very stupid enemies? :white_check_mark:
  • Make the boss level opponents equally as stupid? :white_check_mark:
  • Then spam the living hell out of these bosses ALL. OVER. THE. MAP. :white_check_mark:
  • Make these hordes of boss level opponents extreme bullet sponges? :white_check_mark:

And then the final clue:

  • Do not let players clear the map but instead respawn all those billion defeated enemies whenever they close the game. :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:

I would really love to love this game, but after about 20 hours on skirmish I am completely done with it. The setting and the atmosphere are great, the gunplay is fast and feels good, the accessories and role play elements are a nice touch, but then the main thing, the exploring and mission progression, is so horrendously bad that I will just give up even though I’d love to see the conclusion of the story.
After the tutorial island the game instantly became quite annoying but I still had the hopes that something would change over the course of the story but nah, it just gets worse with every hour you play. Due to the incessant respawning there is close to zero sense of progress.
Having to dump 7.62mm into an enemies weakspots for 10 minutes straight might be kinda fun for the first 3 times but hour after hour after hour?! In my last session that I just finished I had to fight 9 different tanks and devestators as well as the hordes of hunters and seekers that always surround them, in an area I had already cleared before, just to get to the next mission location. How does that make sense or is fun?!
I am very sure that the sponginess and the respawn-mechanics are just a ways to hide the inability to create an actually challenging opponent AI and artificially drag out the playing time.

Next game will be pirated again instead of trusting other peoples opinions.

/rant off

Well, some love it and some don’t. That’s ok.

First of all, this game has no end yet. It’s still evolving. It’s an open world and the only things currently that stay cleared are the mission locations with the mission related opponents… at least most of them… And the relay beacons in general.

But that’s ok. That’s an important part of the game to get all challenges and achievements. And of course to have endless fun in destroying machines with your friends in coop. How would the game look like, if all destroyed machines would stay gone? Correct: boring.

Yes, some machines seem like bullet sponges, if the difficulty is set too high, your weapons are too weak or your character is not experienced enough (there are skills for more damage).
And if you use the wrong weapons or ammo to break the armor or to damage the critical components. And if you just spray your bullets towards the machines, it’s the wrong way.

But again, you don’t have to like the game. I just wanted to explain something.


You could see it as when you leave the area you just killed all machines there is no one there to stop them from taking it back. Because in a war most enemies would take the opportunity to retake lost territory if they can without losses or to much logistical problems. And the game would be over very fast if no machines spawn back.
And for the crafting stuff. If you don’t like hording material for it then don’t. I’m no fan of crafting so I don’t do that. I still keep material but I give it to my friend that does craft a lot. But things needed for bases I keep.


You say ‘boring’, I say not spammed full of shitnemies. How is it interesting to fight the same fights over and over and over again? Dragging on the fighting in the same regions without letting the players progress is boring, not the other way around. A cleared region gives a feeling accomplishment and progress. Spawning in the same region for the fifth time to fight the same bots at the same places is just mindnumbingly stupid.
‘And of course to have endless fun in destroying machines with your friends in coop’ No, sorry, that’s still boring. For us it’s about finishing the story, not defeating as many sponges as possible, especially since the fights are not challenging but just annoying. Lure them into a position where you can pick them off one by one, just bring a couple thousand bullets and you’ll be fine, how exiting!

Your ‘explanation’ is patronizing. I am level 18 and have all perks that increase damage against components and my own weapon damage (except for the single shot damage increase which is from my understanding opposing to automatic damage increase). I also know the weakpoints of the tanks and my aim is pretty freaking good. That still doesn’t change the fact that you need to spam hundreds of bullets and every fight takes 5-15 minutes with the gear you have at your disposal after leaving the archipelago. For each of the 5 frontally visible components of a tank you need 2-4 magazines of 20x 7.62 fmj depending on your rng. After that the bot will however still be at 30% health so you either need to spam the armored kneecaps with at least 60 rounds AP or try to snipe the gas tank or both. If you tell me that’s not spongy then I have no idea what should be.
And saying: ‘They are not spongy with endgame gear’, is like saying ‘I can easily bench 300kg because I’ve been in the gym for 15 years’. You have to fight them in the present, not in the future, since they are constantly spawned all around you.

You should not trust other people. Trust yourself and do research before buying.

‘But things needed for bases I keep.’
See, I didn’t even know there’s base building even though I’m already 20 hours in, since it is not mentioned anywhere.

‘And the game would be over very fast if no machines spawn back.’
Again: 20 hours I have already played! That’s basically the lenght of a full game already and I have progressed jack shit since every corner of the map is constantly spammed full with enemies. I’ve been to 3 bunkers for the main story, have done the side missions in my reach and the first main one of the DLC but you can just forget doing a couple missions in an evening and actually seeing some progress since you have to fight over and over and over at the same places again. So yeah, ‘Very fast’ in your eyes would be very much preferable to the current state from my point of view.

55% of players on steam made it through the tutorial region but only 11% killed 15 tanks or more. That alone just tells you so much about how the game drags. Tenthousands of players gave up after 10-15 hours.

I know what you’re trying to say, but doing research on a video game basically is trusting other peoples opinions, since you have to rely on information you could not have gotten otherwise (except for if you obtained the game illegally).

What’s your goal?
Either leave the game and the forum if it’s that bad in your eyes, or take part at a discussion with different arguments. But don’t offend anyone, please.

I can just repeat myself, it’s part of the game and the story. If the machines would fall like flies if shot by a lvl 18 character, who shouldn’t even have any 6c weapon, the story wouldn’t make any sense.
They destroyed the whole army of Östertörn (with tanks and bases and jets and many soldiers) but should get destroyed easily if a teenager shoots at them with some lower quality guns?

One more “fault” you can do is to go the “wrong” ways. Well, you can go where you want, it’s an open world. But some places are harder to beat than others. I’ve seen many people here, crying that the game is too hard after leaving archipelago region… But finally they just went directly to the DLC-island Himfjäll where almost just apocalypse class machines are. No chance, of course.

Mountain region is very hard, too… And even southcoast can have its moments. But you even don’t need to fight every machine you see, if you just want to make the story missions. That’s the sneaky way of Generation Zero, which of course may take more time and doesn’t reward you with so much loot.

And by the way… 20h are nothing in this game. Be glad. Most players complain if a game is over too fast. Most of the active users here played hundreds or thousands of hours.
And just to explore the story and the mysteries there is much more needed than just 20h.

I do not want to argue. Get involved in the game or just leave it. It doesn’t matter. It’s even not your fault. It’s just not your game.


GZ is not a game for everybody. First the story is still ongoing. And you need a certain sturdy character. Not to get upset or bored even after hundreds of hours. There are only a few of those gamers. Best to throw this 20 hours waste of your time in the bin and never look back. :coffee:


The first post was just to rant which I honestly didn’t expect answers to, but rather deletion of the post.
The other posts were just answers to your answers, trying to further explain my thoughtprocess and process in the game.

You are right though. I should drop it. I just really wish I could enjoy this game more but further writing here will not change anything.

Have fun gaming and bye bye.

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Maybe you can take another look in a year or so. There are still so many changes to the game with each update… New features, missions and revamps of the regions and even of some older missions, to give us the best possible experience. Not perfect of course. Take a try, many that came back after a year didn’t regret it.



Yeah really!

How dare they make a game that ChillPfill doesn’t like? All games should be the same and cater to the COD crowd without consideration for those weirdo’s who like “other things”.

All game designers should consult with ChillPfill before starting their projects to make sure the end product meets his requirements, it should certainly not be left to free choice and artistic expression to decide if it’s a worthy title.

//Sarcasm, Mod


Alright people, let’s settle a bit. If @ChillPfill doesn’t like the game and decides to move on, that’s fine. But don’t start a flamewar because of it. Or I’ll have to resort to hand out warnings.

@Tudenom I’ve edited your post. A little less sarcasm in the future please.


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20 hour game review.

Don’t think that will catch on tbf.


LOL Roger that Zesiir!