Teleported reaper

So, I was in combat when the sound effects and notice of a reaper spawning on my map. After the battle I looked on my map to find where the reaper was and to track it so I can go straight to it. I fast traveled to the closes safe house to the reaper. I started running straight towards the reaper and there was a logging road that I was able to follow. It was in the forest region where there is a lot of downed trees making it difficult to run on so I followed the road and the track icon on my HUD was centered anyway. Out of nowhere the reaper appeared right beside me where I almost hit it’s leg! Needless to say, it freaked me out!

Not much I could do at point blank range, so I sprinted to the closes place to duck behind and let it have a few rounds of my AG4 with shock ammo. Seemed the reaper was in a little bit of shock too from showing up right next to me. He didn’t even go into combat mode right away.

Keep in mind this reaper was already on the map and I still had a ways to get to him when he just popped out of no where. I am guessing it was a glitch of sorts and was a first for me.

I don’t think he teleported. I think he was just “behind some kind of invisible wall” like it happens often in forest region since base assault update.

This, that a big machine suddenly appears right next to one, happened to many of us there or in some parts of farmlands.