Terrain blocking off enemy fire seems wonky sometimes

It often seems like I get hit by fire that I should be protected from by terrain. This seems especially frequent when I’m crouching or going prone behind an obstacle. But it doesn’t seem to happen when near the corner of a building.

So, strangely, it seems to make a big difference to collision detection if you are behind horizontal or vertical cover.

I’m posting this here because I’m not entirely sure if this is a bug, or merely a perspective issue that makes it seem you are behind cover when you actually aren’t.

If it’s the latter, this still needs some sort of adjustment though.

I don’t think this is perfect in the game, however it’s a safe bet if a hunter is targeting you in what you think is cover, and you get red laser sight your going to take damage from the blast , this will happen through walls or perceived cover✌️ I can’t say I’ve noticed massive issues with fire and cover apart from this !

There is topic for combat tactics and tips. Which will help you survive and be more effective. Some irl line of sights tactics do work in this game.
If you hug the corner or door frame, you make yourself visible to enemy, and this is point where perspective can play tricks on you.

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