Tesla tank idea


Basically a walking experimental kvm9 but with a special railgun and a thingy to shock stuff!



Ok…now i´m beginning to think you actually take your ideas from command and conquer games.
Don´t forget the flame tank and the toxic tank.:sweat_smile:


Lol na dont play those thpes of games and i just modle shit and hmmm maby next project after my other upcoming ones


If given the idea is taken from C&C, and that Tesla tank comes from e.g Red Alert 2, how about:

Prism tank


  • Weaponry: single beam of light (plasma)
  • If near to another Prism tank - 1st tank shoots it’s beam of light to 2nd tank, 2nd tank then amplifies it and shoots double the damage beam of light at the player.
  • If several Prism tanks are together - they all daisy chain their shots, each next one in the chain amplifying the power, while the last one targets and shoots towards the player.

Essentially working the same as Allied Prism towers in Red Alert 2. :grin:

But when to further develop the Soviet Tesla tank idea, how about:

Tesla hunter


  • Weaponry - same as Tesla tank, but half the damage output
  • Special ability - when next to Tesla tank, Tesla hunter can power up the tank, so tank can deal more damage per shot.

Essentially the same as Tesla Troopers charging up the Tesla Tower in Red Alert 2. :grin: (It takes 2x Tesla Troopers, charging the Tesla Tower for Tesla Tower to output double the damage.)


Lol Bruh that cool but not the inperation i got it from

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