Testing out the COMPANION spotter with 40% marked enemy damage skill

1 Prototype Hunter ’ ( Not Marked by Companion ) 145, 149, 159, 149 ’ ( Marked by Companion ) 166, 169, 168, 152 ’ isn’t 40% but not sure what to think of this

What are these numbers and where did you get them from?

The numbers ECHELONS what do they mean?!

it’s the points you earn when battle is complete

trying 2 figure out if the ENEMY MARK SKILL gives anything when companion marks them, I’m still testing this out

I was battle 1 PROTOTYPE Hunter 2 test this out, Havester spawn them, if u leave the area with a certain distance between you and the Havester, the Hunter will spawn again, I was using this to test out the spotter on the COMPANION and the skill that gives you 40% extra damage for marked enemies

when you complete a battle, it’s not always the same EXACT number, 145, 159, 149

I’m simply trying to figure out if the SPOTTER on the COMPANION and the 40% marked skill is any effect

You can keep to a single post. This isn’t a chatroom.

this is a single post ‘’’ when the COMPANION marks a enemy DOES it give 40% extra damage with the SKILL from the skill tree, when a enemy is marked HIGHLIGHTS RED, if it does not, no worries, I’m just asking questions, geez ??? !

The spotter module works like the skill.
Marked targets suffer more damage if you shoot them.
But that has no effect on the granted xp after a battle.

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The ADMs Will banne people who are with hacker ?
Or Mods??

Here on the forums and on the GZ Discord, we prefer not to talk about mods and hacks, no.

It’s not a bannable offense unless you are actively shown using them, or try to link to a suspicions site, or talk about modding the game.

Ok thanks for The answer